View Full Version : My daughter patted rabbit with snuffles, then rabbit without

02-05-2010, 09:22 PM
We have a dutch rabbit we suspect has snuffles/pasteurella. He has been on Baytril a week and a half and is still sneezing. We have kept him separated from our other two bunnies and he has never had contact with them. Well today my toddler patted him with my supervision and as I was taking her to wash her hands in the other room she quick stuck her hand in our 8 week old rabbits cage and patted her. I almost had a heart attack. We were suppose to be rehoming her today but now I don't know what to do. I bought her off of a classified hoping to stop her from being sold at a fair. Is their any chance she will not get snuffles or is she a lost cause, should I cancel the rehoming? Thanks fir your advice!

02-05-2010, 09:23 PM
I've had a bunny with snuffles.
She was living with 4 other rabbits at the time and none of them contracted it.

02-05-2010, 10:57 PM
Thanks for your response, it makes me feel less stressed out. Do you know if dogs can catch Pasteurella/snuffles from a rabbit? I know the family that wants to adopt her has dogs. Thanks again!

03-05-2010, 11:58 AM
One would hope the dog would not be allowed to put it's face close enough to bunny's to catch any infection! ;)

Snuffles is a collective name for upper respiratory infections in rabbits, very often there is more than one pathogen present (bacteria). Some bacteria will be host-specific and others will be across the board as it were - such as staph A, strep, MRSA etc.. all of which inhabit our respiratory membranes also.
As Spider explained, contact to contact can occur without any transmission of infection because most of us, rabbits etc. carry these bacteria anyway in our noses, mouths etc.. and they are kept under control by our immune systems. Infections only get hold when mucosal membranes are breached - i.e when immunity is unable to control the pathogen e.g. when immunity is under parr such as post-operatively, stress, psychological shock, other infections etc.
In short - the dog will be fine if it is in good health, as will any other rabbits and humans. :)

ETA the severity of URTI in rabbits compared to us and dogs is different as rabbits breathe ONLY through their nose, whereas us and dogs use our mouths also, therefore if we get infections (and I have never heard of anyone get an URTI from a rabbit to date!) they will not be such a grave risk for our breathing as they are for rabbits.