View Full Version : Loss of litter training possibly due to Spring humping season

01-05-2010, 12:52 PM
He is nut less

A couple of months ago around spring Polo started pooing by the front door of my flat. Every morning I got up and when I came home from work there would be a field of raisons to step over. Then occasionaly he would do a pee in the hallway by front door. And yes there is a litter tray in the hallaway just the sod started to pee and poo next to it instead of in it.

At first I thought it was because was having hall decorated and the disruption and change in the hallway was making him want to scent it.

But the other day I decided to run my front door mat (one of those stiff brisdtle ones) under the shower head to get the pee off that he had done and I was stood there for 20mins with orange pee running out of it. I had to stop as arm was killing holding it up but the pee was still running out, so it looks like the little sod has been using my mat for his urinal:shock:.

So last week I penned off the front door and part of hallway where he would always poo and pee and was expecting him to pee next to pen but he didn't , not one poon or pee in the hallway - yay:D

but then...

he started pooing next to the litter tray in the bedroom and he did a pee in his little bed next to his litter tray.

Well this morning at 7.39am I was woken up with a warm fuzzy feeling which turned out to be him emptying a full bladder on my bed that was also covered in raisons.

Now he use to get a bit hormonal every now and then and just went all cuddly and I could smell the hormone not just from his poo but also every now and then it would woft off him. But after 4-5 days it would go away.

But since what I have now realised when Spring started he began this sometimes pooing and peeing in the hallway and bedroom. And His hormone smell has not disappeared.

End of story now:lol:

Does anyone else experience this kind of behaviour at this time of year and do you think it is bunny humping season related. He was 1 in April and once again he is castrated.
Not sure what to do as I don't really want to restrict him to his pen in the front room at night time now as he been free range for a few months now.

I know one thing though he is now banned from the bed again.

Just need to work out if it a hormone thing or if it behaviour due to decorating disruption :roll: