View Full Version : had to confine bertie /UPDATE hes comfy with it wtf?

28-04-2010, 07:56 PM
last few nights bertie has been attacking me...even on metacam.....

last night i couldnt take anymore..i got him indoors at 7.30pm and from 9pm onwards he kept jumping on my bed settee and attacking the bed...the blankets...my jog pants....my dressing gown.....:(

we even took him outside before 11pm to show him its dark and cold...but he just ate grass and had to be pulled back in.

with a heavy heart i took in the pen panels and put up a pen..put his litter tray in it...food n water and his slinky and a rug hed already scent marked.

oddly enough he had a wonderful night and slept like a baby.
so did my poor sleep deprived cat salem....but bloomin typical..i couldnt get to sleep or even stay asleep.

but bertie used to like snoozing int he dog crate w used to have....he loved it with the door open of course.

maybe he has been craving a safe spot all this time?

29-04-2010, 01:41 PM
hes had another good night and he was digging like a dmeon in his litter tray ealry hours of this morning.

i got up off the bed settee finally at 11am after being so tired and my mum on the phone again etc.
He was so sleepy i had to wait for him to get up to take the panels down:shock:

he has enough room for his massive puppy litter tray..his massive dog bowl and ceramic dog bowl for water. a huge cuddly toy bunny some toys and enough room to lollop around and have many sleep spots.
it takes up almost one end of my lounge..

he has had a lollop aorund the lounge etc but has returned to his cuddly toy and used his tray and hes been eating lots of hay which he had stopped. when out in the evening so far..he hasnt attacked me:shock:

ellen said yesterday his heart rate had gone down a lot a heck of a lot....she was surprised and happy..i was ecstatic! so perhaps she said being outside has helped..maybe but i now think his peaceful life at night in the pen and now with everything in lolloping difference he seems so mych more laid back today.

i dont get it he hasnt been pennede off since we had bandit and bif bonded and willow had died.!!! bandit died feb last year.....so why does bertie suddenly now crave and enjoy being penned up? any ideas?

29-04-2010, 01:50 PM
maybe he just feels secure hun. when pearl died Alvin hardly left the cage. must be some type of feeling safe in thier own space :?

really glad his heart rate is better though thats fantastic news :D:D:D

29-04-2010, 02:15 PM
Thank you hun....yes when oscar passed away bif would only live in or near the dog crate..she lay down to die a few days later when bertie turned up and gave her something to live for.

i think hes been very lonely too snuggling up to salem a lot luckily salem loves him soo much.
i wished i could get bertie a wifey as i feel hes missing out so much..but with all the health probs hes had and his heart rate that went so mad.....i wouldnt stress him with it.

hes eating a lot of hay today so im very proud. i guess maybe he did want somewhere that was exclusively his.

has upset salem tho..with the weather coooling doiwn for a few days i bet salem will be having hugs during daytime and evenings with bertie on a fleece rug.
maybe i should out salem in with bertie at night:lol:

yes his heart rate coming down so much is such amazing and wonderful news. he has a few breathing probs but not like he was.....i am amazed.

bless pearl...a learning curve for owners and vets alike...:love:a furry little angel.