View Full Version : Off his food, itchy ears...prev teeth probs...not sure if i'm over-reacting!

27-04-2010, 01:15 PM
Fudge has been off his food slightly for about 4-5days now, he usually comes running over to his greens at night-time, snatches the carrot from my hand in the morn and runs off with it and goes mad when he hears the pellets!

He's eating some still, but very slowly and he's constantly leaving his pellets or some greens he's never done this before, he always tries to eat it before i've even put it down!

I've also noticed he's a little bit quieter in himself at the min, so my alarm bells are ringing, he has gone through a failed bonding recently, could it just be stress? :? I thought that once the other bun was gone he'd get back to his usual self but he hasn't.

This may be insignificant, but he seems to have itchy ears at the min too, and has had teeth probs before and had an op to file them down a few years back.

I have a vet's appt this eve, but just want to go armed with some ideas and questions as my vet's not great with bunnies and has been trying to get at his teeth for past few years. I have refused before as didn't want unnecessary surgery when he was eating fine, and has been fine for two years without any ops. So i don't want them to just assume it is his teeth? Any ideas?!! :)

27-04-2010, 01:20 PM
I'd say the first thing to rule out is teeth i'm afraid. Most buns who develop molar spurs tend to require regular dentals, not always - my buns spurs are mild and managed by diet alone, but although ideal, this is not usually the case.

Stress alone can lead to ileus (slowing of the GI tract) so it is possible that it is only this, but I should think that if he's had tooth issues before then this is quite a likely possibility. The itchy ear could be 'canker' or some other mite/bacterial infection. I think a vet trip today is VERY sensible.
Has bun been passing droppings as normal? Have you had a look in his ears with a little torch? They should look completely clean and clear.
I'm sure your vet will give your bun a thorough examination and find out what is wrong. Hope Fudge feels better soon. :)

27-04-2010, 01:46 PM
oh no :( that's sounds like a whole list of bad things!

thank you for coming back to me so quickly, at least i can ask about these other things now, I just don't want them to say 'teeth, give him an op' without looking at anything else.

The first time they did his teeth they told me it had to be done as it would def cause probs, even though he was actually ok at the time, so I just let them do it as thought they knew best. But when 3 months later they said he needed it done again, i said no, i'd wait and see if he was ok for another few months, as i didn't want to keep putting him through surgery, and two years on he's been fine up till now, so you can see why i'm a little skeptical of their advice...! (he's 4 now and only had it done the once).

We're definitely off to the vet's tonight though, so thank you for your thoughts :) God, i'm never having children if a teency bunny can cause me this much worry!! :lol: