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14-03-2010, 01:41 PM

I took in a female 2 weeks ago because she was pregnant and owner didn't want her anymore. She had 6 kits 9 days ago. Due to a lack of space I installed her in the kitchen. She has a corner fenced off with a large indoor cage. For a makeshift nest box I had a wooden rabbit house like a hidey hole sort of thing. She made the nest in there and so far everything seems ok.
My problem is I'm having new windows installed and the men very kindly agreed to leave the kitchen until last, which is tommorrow. I could move her and the nest into utility room but I'm a bit worried as I will have to take the nest out of the box as it will probably fall apart if I move it.
Would it be ok to put the nest into another box? I have a cardboard file box that I could adapt or should I move the nest into her cage and cover it with something? Anyone got any suggestions?
sorry for long post!

14-03-2010, 01:46 PM
I would think moving the whole lot to another room would be best. Could you gently slide something under the whole box and gently move it - some stiff card or a flat tray something like that - the least change the better I would think.