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crazy daisy
28-01-2010, 10:38 PM
hi everyone i need some advice please if poss. My Daisy had a dental today as she had a wet mouth, i took her to a new vet as ive moved recently and canot travel to my old one. Its a long story and im not happy at all with them, firstly i was quoted about 75 for a worst case scenirio dental but was charged 125! She only had a dental on the 2nd of dec and that only cost 66 and that included an ambulance home. Anyway i queried it at the vet and i rang the again when i got home and im waiting to here back from a vet. i know vets charge diff prices but on my invoice from my old vet they charged 6.90 for an anesthetic but new one charged 54! :censored: But my question is that i was charged for a extensive dental but the vet nurse told me that they just burred down her molars and removed spurs. i thought an extensive d would involve ulcers etc but i wasnt given any pain relief as i was told dhe didnt have any. However my concern is that round her mouth has become wet same side as before. Would this mean that she is in pain and still cant eat properly? ive got pain relief at home but im not sure on her weight, she was 2.1kg but she has put on some much needed weight so i woulnt know how much to give he and i dont want to give her any if she doesnt need it.
Sorry for my long post but im so mad because i dont feel like its been done properly :evil::evil: Any advice would help. xx

Bungle bunny
28-01-2010, 10:47 PM
Ouch, that is a crazy bill that you were given, I hope they jus made a mistake and that you get it sorted quickly xx

crazy daisy
28-01-2010, 10:50 PM
apparantly the anthestic wasnt a mistake and when i said how much my old vet charged they just said oh diff vets charge diff prices! they also charged me 14 for a tube of fibreplex when i paid 8 before but ive never been given that before after a dental is this normal? didnt think about it too much at the time just glad to have my baby girl back!