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20-12-2009, 10:35 AM
My house bunny is bored, he is allowed out a lot when I am home, but I do find this very tying as I cant leave him for a second(even brewing up is a run and grab job)as he will surely find something to chew, wires furniture shoes bags etc etc.
Can anyone suggest what I could include in a bunny gym that have been found to be good exercise and ocupying.I am hoping to fence off an area maybe in the conservatory where I can put him to play when I NEED to do something.
Also Harnesses, any suggestions , the one I have (petsat home) seems to tangle him no matter how it is fitted.

20-12-2009, 12:31 PM
Cable tidy things are a must in our house. Otherwise somebun may have the urge to nibble.....(Molly just ate the freeview box cable when we were moving house).

My lot have cardboard boxes that they can chew and hide in. I fill some other boxes with torn newspaper and hide a couple of treats in it so they can dig about. Hay in toilet rolls are always a firm favourite.

The only way we could protect the bottom of our doors was to cover them with some cardboard. Doona used to chew the wooden doors to pull them open..... We ended up with little messages written on them like ' Doona - Don't Chew This!' But I don't think she bothered to read them.

Getting a bunny companion always helps. Doona calmed down when we bonded her with Humphrey.

20-12-2009, 12:36 PM
Hello, there are lots of things you can do to help this situation.

Firstly - restrict bunnies space somehow, my buns are in a dog crate or small section of the living room when I go out to work, then when we're in the house they have run of the whole living room but I can happily leave them on their own for hours at a time without them destroying things.

Secondly - bunny proof the space they do have - move all wires, or if they can't be moved cover them in something. I split hose pipe and put the wires inside, some people use plastic cable titdy stuff that goes round the outside of the wires. Block any spaces that bunny can get into and cause miserchief ie under or behind cupboards and sofa's etc. I also cover the carpet in the bit of the living room that is permanently theirs.

Thirdly - give you bunnies lots of things to play with, cardboard toilet rolls, anything they can pick up and throw or chew. Mine also have a big cardboard house/box and they spend a long tim destroying that.

Lastly - if they chew something that you don't want them too, go and stop them and tell them not to. I give a good firm 'No' and gently push them away from whatever they are chewing/digging. If they keep going back and doing it again, I go and say NO, then pick up the bunny and put him/her in the dog crate, if they keep going back then they get shut in the dog crate for 10 mins or so. They soon learn.

Goods luck, keep perservering, they'll get there in the end.

20-12-2009, 12:36 PM
is your bunny neutered this could calm him down also a freind

it is only natrual for a bunny to chew things, i got 2 pairs one pair absolute saints never poop or wee anywhere and only chew the wall paper and my bed :lol: the other 2 are a nightmare but you just have to adapt things

i certainly wouldnt reckonmend a harness a sudden noise could cause them to jerk suddenly and break there backs, some people do use them but i personly wouldnt

20-12-2009, 08:43 PM
Thanks for all the suggestions, most of which I have already kinda tried, apart from covering cables, unfortunately hubby wont hear of it as he doesnt want the rabbit in, in the 1st place, so I just try and move them out of reach as far as poss.
Mojo has been castrated but he is young and has quite a lot of energy, he lives in a large indoor rabbit cage, but I cant bear to see him in it when I am around.
I am waiting till late spring when he can start going out and hope to rehome another spayed doe with him....

As far as cardboard rolls etc he does seem to EAT the cardboard and I am scared he will eat all of it and have problems....

I was getting at my wits end, but now I have taken a step back and realise he can only come out at My convenience otherwise I will get nothing done.