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BB Mommy
16-12-2009, 04:39 PM
We received two Secret parcels last week, and as promised I took my camera along to Hopper today to post some piccies.

Whilst I was there we received another fab parcel, so Santa has visited us three times!!

A huge thank you to our Secret Santa's - the gifts are very much appreciated by the bunnies!

Package 1


Toy being tested by Ivan......

Loki (our head tilt giant, and Donna's foster bunny:love:) and Nellie deciding who gets the first nibble...
Pansy and Bishop enjoying a loofah!

We've save some of the toys and treats for Christmas day, and the dandelion and ginko has been saved for those buns that have a poor apetite.

Again, thank you so much. x

Other parcels in new post below.....

BB Mommy
16-12-2009, 04:44 PM
This parcel also arrived last week....


Borage enjoying a willow stick


and Casper


and Cascade


Again we saved the dandelions for those poorly bunnies with a decreased appetite to encourage them to eat.

Again a huge thank you for your gift - it really is appreciated by the bunnies x

16-12-2009, 04:52 PM
Lucky bunnies! :D

BB Mommy
16-12-2009, 04:54 PM
And finally parcel no.3


As all these were wrapped we thought it would be nice to save them for Christmas day, and instead had some fun trying to work out what was in each package - of course the rabbits helped...

Loki and Nellie checking them out...

And Oscar, who started to throw them around the crate and nearly unwrapped a jingly ball:lol:


Thank you so much for the gifts - we have around 120 rabbits in over the Christmas period, and around 60 piggies, so your gifts really will be appreciated.x

Happy Christmas!!

bunny foo foo
16-12-2009, 04:56 PM
How generous. :D

16-12-2009, 05:03 PM
Oh Wow :love::love::love::love:

16-12-2009, 09:01 PM
awwww santa is so great :love::love::love::love:

Tell loki im sorry theres no prezzies from us this year, but i promise ill send him (and friends) something nice in 2010 when ste is earning again xxxxx

16-12-2009, 09:42 PM
They look great. People are so generous, it's fab :D

And the gorgeous Casper :love::love::love: He's been on my mind since the Open Day and now you've set me off wanting him again :shock:

Why hasn't anyone adopted the beatuiful Casper yet and given him the forever home he deserves? :(