View Full Version : poor bif im beside myself..i didnt see till today

13-12-2009, 08:07 PM
ive been real sick so has my daughter.this flu/resp virus thingy...and bif got unbonded from bertie last hospitalisation so she moved into my room with me. she was interacting more so i let her have half of under my bed to the door as well as her half the room. and usually we have the pen panels up if merlins out..and an extra one across my door. but the other night nikki let him out without checking then collapsed in her bed. i was on my way up once id got a dirnk for bertie..then i heard a huge noise. my daughetr said bif had got out my room and had had merlin on the landing there was some cheek fur of his. but today she said oh yeah they were really fighting..well she was..they were a furry ball rolling along the ground till i finally stopped them.
but we checked both buns out no sign of injuries.
but today as id had four hrs sleep i recheckef bifs gunky looking eye id spotted as id nodded off. i got her across to the vets as i was horrified. in the 4 hrs sleep it had got gunkier and run down her face....the eye was badly swollen...but the bottom half was fine!
the upper eyelid was hugely swollen....
it was the place that weird lump was we told the other vet was there but she said itd gone.
we clipped the fur to try and see better with a teeny battery operated pet clipper..meant for round eyes etc.
it was a very sore looking eye..i cried out..how the heck did i not notice that!

got to the vet hospital...the vet eventually saw bif and was as horrified as me as it didnt look obvious what had happened..in fact it looked like a myxi eye...she double checked in case!
she shaved the fur to the skin and removed a scab that had fur in it. theres a huge laceration and a bit of pus...and she said not enough pus to need clearing out but enough that if it was sutured could cause problems.
its shocking...she kept inssiting it was our cats and she was damned lucky she hadnt lost her eye etc...i told her she doesnt even get playfully swatted by cats with cllaws in..shes their mum and boss and they have toomuch fear and repsect for her....not merlin..hes an equal toplay with but with claws sheathed. and berties daddy...and hot water bottle:oops:

itlooked too broad to be a cat claw slice....too wide..so after coming home and nikki saying yeah they were a furry ball....it clicked..ah ha...her eye is a result of her yet again bullying something else and beaitng it up:oops:

the only worry now is if this is going to heal.....or turn into an abscess:(

she was given a shot of antbx and a pain reliever..afetr i had to ask for it for her:shock:
her eyes have to bathed 3 times min a day with salt water and she has to have exocin eye drops three times a day. then tomorrow shes got three weeks of baytril:shock:
i feel sick bathing it...shes been digging at it with her foot maybe or its just more inflammed now..its massive..a few mms in width and about 10mm long:shock:

my mobile phone is charging...in the morning i will photograph it.

gods how bad a bunny mummy am i.....i am so shocked........there was no sign before that. did wonder if something was wrong after she didnt attack me for her half an eggcup of pellets last 48hrs.....

if it turns into an abscess or gets to infected she also lose her eye.......and its because of my neglect...i give her more freedom and this is what ocurs as shes a bun who likes to hide..hates people..is terrified of them.

i dont have her in a cage...ive been watching her rip up a hard cardboard box..perhaps it was that..perhaps it was he cats after all....:( nope it ties in perfectky with merlin:(

being this sick is imposible...i have nikki sick too and relienat on me normally....and the three buns and two cats..bertie went downhill gave him metacam picke dup a bit gave him two syringe feeds his tummy worked and hell have some more later...then salems been off colur too...had a temp so gave him some metacam....oh my gods what have i done wrong!!!

i had a fit with the fever a few days ago i think now..im so confused and have lost time....and bif came and sat near the pen panel nearest the bed...and looked at me for ages..and begged for a nose rub....that was amazing.
and now i let her down like this....:cry:
i think i will have to demand an emergency slot for salem...he has a heart murmur so cant chance a fever off food etc.
bertie needs tlc metacam every now and then and a few syringe feeds to get him through the odd week.

my daughter needs a nurse..and me...i need...i need..help!

i yell at folks not keeping an eye on their pets..and look at me now:cry:

poor bif....my wickle girlie..and after 2 weeks her weight loss is very very small....poor bifaling.

13-12-2009, 08:42 PM
Awwwwww poor Bif :love::love::love:

13-12-2009, 09:02 PM
Try not to worry too much she's a tough one is Bif :love:

If you're free & better I'll drop by and see you and her & Bertie Thursday or Friday :wave:

15-12-2009, 03:46 AM
i know hun but to bathe her eye and try to pit drops in...when the middle to inner corner of her upper eyelid is so badly swollen it shuts the eye there tight shut. But the outer corner of her eye cant close...so the drops are to help that. its so sad to see her like this:(

give me tinkle/tx and ill let you know.......hopefully i wont be infectious by then:shock: