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25-11-2009, 11:03 AM
This is what I sent to zooplus on their feedback page:
I notice that you're selling this 97cm long cage and advertising it as suitable for rabbits: http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/rodents/cages/rabbit_cage/30344

The RSPCA and RWAF recommend a 6'x2'x2' minimum for rabbits (or the four-hop rule), so this 97cm cage is half the recommended size. Rabbits also need to have a cage height of at least 20 inches (approximately 52cm), so that they can perform normal rabbit behaviour of sitting-up on their back legs. 97x60cm isn't really big enough for guinea-pigs as the recommended cage size is 120x60cm minimum for two guinea-pigs (and as guinea-pigs are social animals, they shouldn't live alone).

Would you consider no longer advertising this a rabbit hutch, or indeed removing it from sale altogether?

Thank you

Their reply:
Thank you very much for your email and your comment. No animal should stay its whole life just in the cage, regardless if this cage is 100 cm long or even 120 cm and we hope you agree that a rabbit should be able to do more than 4 hops every now and then. However, those standards you are talking about are just for these cases, when the animal can never get out of the cage. Given that a rabbit is taken out of the cage to run around daily, there is nothing to say against a 100 cm cage and we trust in our customers to make the right decision about what cage to buy for their animal.

With kindest regards,

Your Service-Team

My reply:
This is incorrect. According to RSPCA and RWAF guidelines, being given the opportunity to run around is in addition to the 6ft cage. I will not be purchasing anything from you and have posted your response on the internet, so that other rabbit owners will know not to buy from you.