View Full Version : Buns Dislike Garage??

lil becki
03-11-2009, 04:13 PM
Every time we have terrential rain or really strong winds i feel sorry for my 2 5month old mini lops because when we let them out in2 their run, they dont want to play and they either sit under the hutch or stay in it and hang their heads out. I felt it would be much nicer for them to be moved into the garage where they are shielded from the awful weather and can come out to play and run about. They seem more than happy with this, as we leave the garage door open in the day so let in fresh air and natural light and then close the door at night, where they av a very subtle night light. But every time we move them into the garage, they get soft squishy poos!!! Nothing about their behaviour changes and they do and get everything else exactly the same.
I just dont understand it???
Is there something about being in the garage that they just dont like??
Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions please??