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29-10-2009, 09:35 PM
hey, I have a giant rabbit... you may remember me talking about him before? His name is dexter, and we have solved his aggression problem... I had him castrated and he is now a house bunny- what an angel, he's much improved! and now happily bounces around my kitchen!

New problem, he gets eye infections from sawdust, so has wood pellets in his litter tray, pets at home only sell small bags. his litter is changed twice a day and he's a twelve and a half pound rabbit... does a few malteasers! where can i find a reliable supply of suitable, safe, non toxic wood pellets, in reasonable quantity, at a reasonable price? spending around 12 a week on litter alone ATM, that's just silly!

anyone know someone/a company? I live in the new forest, and want to avoid paying a hefty delivery charge if possible... also need to find someone asap, otherwise will have to sell Dexter to cadburys!

cheers guys, you've always been such a help, and im glad this forum is here!

Kate x

29-10-2009, 09:41 PM
Don't sell him to Cadbury's!! Sell him to me!!!

Loads of people on here use Megazorb, which is sold by the hay experts and is delivered.

29-10-2009, 09:45 PM
Megazorb or Carefresh would be good available from www.thehayexperts.co.uk or

29-10-2009, 09:53 PM
i use some stuff called ecoflex and i get it from my local equestrian centre( charlies) coco eats saw dust so i have to keep it away from her, the ecoflex is like very fine hay clippings which is about 1.5 cm in length and it comes in a large bag around the size of a bale and it costs 7

bunny babe
29-10-2009, 10:13 PM
I get Megazorb. It is 7 for a large sack and I get from a local equestrian farm. I then put hay on top to help stop them eating it and to reduce any dust.

29-10-2009, 11:57 PM
Awww, cheers guys, thanks for the advice, i knew you'd do me proud! will look into megazorb, even if it does have a silly name!

LOL- I could never sell Dexter, he's kinda priceless, a real character, and yes, that's a euphemism for pain in the a**e, but for some reason I'm really soppy when it comes to this one.

Any one else know another bun that will do ANYTHING for a banana? Dexter loves them- treats only tho, they're very sweet and not good for teeth. Tried him on strawberry and kiwi, but not popular, although he had a raspberry treat when i came in tonight and loved it! (Plus i find it funny cause he gets a little red bit of fur round his mouth for a while, so he looks like a serial killer (yes, I'm childish)

Bought him a bunny tunnel (looked for ages to find one big enough for a dog-sized-rabbit... he's like Beyonce... he has a big butt) and he loves it!! seriously loves it.

Think im getting a bit obsessional about the critter at the moment, but im getting so much joy from seeing this amazing change in him... he's so much more relaxed and happy. My OH is feeling rejected. silly man. And my sadistic mother bought me the '2010 desk diary-book of bunny suicides'. not funny- think it was a hint. although i dont think shes about to lick Dexter's paw and stick it in a socket. Everyone is sick of me talking about Dexter tho.... so thought i ought to vent on here to people that understand.

Any suggestions for how to make him happier? get him involved with our lives, living indoors etc? Just want to give him the best quality of life i can, because i am responsible for his welfare, and i have a duty. Plus, he's kinda cute!

Keep chatting to me about bunnies- I think I've crossed the bunny insanity line now, so I may as well run with it!

Kate xx

30-10-2009, 12:01 AM
The wood pellet litter that you are talking about at PAH.....well i used to buy the same small bags (7 litres) of 'small animal wood litter' at about 3.50 ish.....until i realised that the 'wood pellet cat litter' that PAH sells is EXACTLY the same thing, and they sell it in a 30litre bag for 8, so works out cheaper :)

Its in a white plastic bag with green writing. x

30-10-2009, 12:05 AM
:wave: Awww sounds like he has landed on his paws with you. My little bunny loves a bit of nana too :) I let him have a teaspoon size bit everyday and he scoffs it first before his parsley even!! I am hoping that I can use that to administer the panacur ( a tip I picked up from another member-putting the panacur between to very thin slices) we shall see. If you don't get on with the Megazorb I know 'The Range' do a wood cat litter which disolves on contact with the urine and sort of clumps (no odour) and as long as there is plenty of hay on top and he doesn't dig etc should be alright and its about 7.00 for a really big bag sorry don't know the size. :wave:

30-10-2009, 12:14 AM
Aww Kate, I loved reading your post about little- big Dexter, he sounds like a real sweetie.
We have a house bun, Jimby he is a dwaf lop but is quite a big boy- more to love :D
Jimby is my world, I too think my hubby is feeling rejected- men eh!? :lol:
He is such a softie (Jimby not the hubby) he loves to snuggle up with me and we give each other kisses. He also loves to RUN around like a blue bummed fly at top speed ahead all over our bed room up on the bed and all around he is a loopy little guy :lol:
I love him so much, he is my little boy, have even brought him a christmas card... to my son....:oops: I love him!! :D

We have just started using 'Naturals Luxury natural litter' cost around 7.00 3kg


30-10-2009, 12:16 AM
I fear I have shared too much :oops::oops:

30-10-2009, 12:25 AM
LOL- Dexter is the same... the floor of the utility room is tiled, and he hasn't worked out yet that when you have furry feet you tend to end up headbutting the cupboard when you try to run full throttle at high speed... pea sized brain!

He's just a joy :-) tends to like to nibble everything tho, especially me. not too hard, most of the time, but he needs to grow out of that (Did bite my OH's hand... yes there was bleeding). Know bun's don't respond well to a telling off... (seems to scare them, and ultimately is ineffective) although they respond to praise, and food themed bribery.. any tips to stop him. I understand if you GENTLY press their noses to the ground for a few seconds and say no they gradually get the idea that you are the dominant one, not sure if this is true.

The problem is that he has absolutely no concept that he is in fact, a rabbit. seems to think he is mostly rhinocerous. And likes to sit in his litter tray and plot world domination. I think MI6 might be paying him a wage actually. I will look out for the pay slips stashed under his bed....

Talking about Dex... I can hear him crashing around... think it might be his bed time!

Sweet Dreams to everyone, and all your furry bouncing friends!

Kate x

30-10-2009, 12:50 AM
:lol: you do make me laugh, he does sound like a little cutie! Aww bless his little furry feet!
At one time we had a wood unit near Jimby's cage, he would jump on to his cage and run so fast then actually get in a sliding position on his bum and actually slide across the wood unit, with a look of glee on his face!! :lol::lol: I wish I had caught him on film!

Hmm tips on nibbers ok, well Jimby does *on occasion* like to nibble the hubby, used to be me but I think I have gained more respect now, :lol: the hubby does use the nose to floor technique, but so far I dont think Jimby has learnt what it means.
Jimby does like to chew the walls and just like a child he will 'test you', he will have a nibble then look at you to see if he got your attention then nibble again, wait for a reaction then nibble again, I tend to use a stern type voice and just say no and try to move his bum so he hops away, think he thinks it is all a game though as he runs off binkying!!:lol:
Yep talking about bed times I think I better go and put my little monkey to bed.

Night night to you and Dexter xx

31-10-2009, 12:13 AM
Dexter is poorly :-(

OH called me @5pm to tell me there was blood in his bed... he's been nibbling those nuts again. rushed him to vets... no infection, but as a precaution she gave him a course of antibiotics, she gave him his first dose and told me to come back wed for a check up. took him home and went to p@h for wood litter. got back about half nine and did eye-drops and cuddles and supper. he seemed unusually quiet... not at all like himself. I thought it was my tummy rumbling... then i realized it was his. really loud, every two minutes, like a person. called my friend for advice, and stayed with him... he just stayed in his bed. didn't even try to chew my toes.

called the emergency vet @ 10pm... he was great. checked him over. looks like colic. no malteasers tonight which is worrying, so vet gave him some opiates to stimulate gut and something to make him sleepy. also gave me some powder to put in his water which is good for stressed rabbits.

not sure if its just unlucky and random, or too many visits to vet/ kinds of medicine, or what. definitely not eaten anything he shouldn't have, what causes colic? I'm really worried about him... he's so quiet. not like Dexter. am checking on him every few hours. might have a cuddle on the sofa for a bit while mother isn't looking in a minute. i wont sleep tonight. is it something i have done?

poor baby.

31-10-2009, 12:27 AM
Try not to worry, my bun got gut stasis, stopped eating pooing and lay in an unusual position.

Vet gave him stuff to stimulate gut movement pain killers and a huge injection of fluids in his scruff to keep him hydrated.

Can be caused by, a new type of food, stress and some buns are just prone to it.

I cant remember all the names of the three drugs they gave him but does it sound familer?

My bun is fine now. I am just really careful of new foods now.

If you search on here you may find more accurate advice.

Well done for getting him to the vet quick.

ETA hope he feels better soon.

31-10-2009, 01:27 AM
So sorry to hear poor Dexter is not feeling very well, please keep us updated. :cry:

31-10-2009, 01:34 AM
sorry to hear dexter isn't feeling well. hope he feels better soon. x

31-10-2009, 11:52 AM
Thank you all for the advice and the kind wishes... It is so lovely to know that you lot are out there. So sad to see him so quiet and un-bouncy.

Update: Gurgles have stopped which is good. But still no malteasers or wee since 6pm. Went back to vet at 9am for a check up. gave him another opiate injection to stimulate the gut... gotta go back at 6 if still nothing. I am so silly. Keep crying when OH and mother aren't looking... sound like a child lol. Just so worried about him and hate it when he's not being a pain in the a**e. Jeez... I moan when he's a nuisance and moan when he's not. Were sat having a cuddle on the sofa at the moment.

Don't know what to do for the best. he's not fussed about eating or drinking. Might have to syringe some critical care powder into him.

I think he does these things just to annoy me. He has that look on his face as if to say 'HA, I know what would cause you to loose some sleep... lets see how long i can hold the malteasers in to freak you out!' ... he's a sod. Bet I could squeeze him and they'd fly out like sweets from a pinata.

Anyone else had a bunny try to get extra attention by faking colic?

K8 x


OMG!!! Never ever have i been so happy to see a bunny with the squits!!! He's noticeably perked up, eating like he's been starved and squishing out (Okay, they're more like cow pats atm) malteasers for England!

Now i guess we have the problem of dehydration... he is eating again so will give him enough hay to feed a large goat and hope for the best..

YAY!!!! :-)