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hannah C
17-10-2009, 07:27 PM
Has anybody used the pets at home adoption centre?
does anybody know how it works? there was a lovely little doe in my local one today!

steve is currently recovering from his castration, very well may i add:D
and he has now had all his jabs.

i know that you have to wait around a month.because he can still make the babies!

but heres my problem, i cant have a rabbit in the house as my OH is allergic to fur. and i dont have room for anoter hutch, steve is currently in a 6X2X2 which is in 6X8 shed, the door gets opened in a morning and he comes and goes as he wants, and he goes back in hutch at night. he also has a run but is isnt connected, and unfortunatly it cant have one on it either:( but he has a seperate 5ftx6ft run that he goes into if it is going to be a fine day.

if i was to get a girlbun for him any suggestions on how i could house her untill i can bond them together?

i thought that maybe i could lock one in the hutch and have one running around the shed and then alternate them untill they can be together.

and.........all this has got me thinking because...i saw a lovley doe today at the pets at home adoption centre.

thanks for reading. apparently im rabbit obsessed now:oops: not bad to say i had never wven thought of having a bunny befor steve apeared at work!:love:

cheers H and Steve xx

17-10-2009, 07:36 PM
Perhaps you ought to just wait a wee while....just till you know that 2 bunnies can be housed together.
There isnt a rush....Perhaps she was gorgous....Its difficult,isnt it???:wave:

18-10-2009, 10:36 AM
Rescue centres will have girly buns vaccinated and spayed. They will also more than likely offer to help you with the bonding. This means that your wee boy will be matched with a girl that suits him. While it is tempting to go and get this girl you have seen, your wee boy might not like her even after she has had her op. Some buns, like people simply are not compatable. Going to a rescue and finding the perfect girl is best. It would also solve your housing issues, because the rescue could keep them at the rescue to bond for a few days then they could both come home and live in the shed together.

18-10-2009, 11:05 AM
Also if this rabbit has been kept inside the store its a bit late in the year to let her live outside:?