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14-10-2009, 10:52 AM
Hi as most of you will know ive now lost Thumper, but my question is:

My other dwarf lop who used to live with him is obviously now on her own & i dont want to get another bunny (just cant bare the thought of losing another animal at the moment)
she is 20 months old, is she too old to be house trained to keep in doors all the time?
the last time she came indoors she chewed through wires & the wood surrounding of the fire place, hubby thinks she will just chew everything up & prob kill her self & i couldnt bare that to happen, but i dont want her to feel lonely outside
or will it be enough for me to bring her in & watch her under supervision & put her back in her hutch later?
se has toys with her & i go & talk to her everyday

14-10-2009, 11:07 AM
I wouldn't advise bringing her in and putting her out, especially over the winter, because it could make her more vulnerable to the cold.

She is not too old to come in, however, you would have to probably make a huge effort to bunny proof wherever it is she is going to be based and where she will live. You could look at building something like an NIC grid cage, and then only having her run around when you can watch her. That might work.