View Full Version : swapping cages - good idea or bad bunmum??

13-10-2009, 01:36 PM
Hi I have my 2 buns in cages next to each other - (NIC cubes) so only a thin sheet between them which they can easily get their noses in to lick or nip :roll: each other.. They settled in really well and choose to stay in even when I open the door to let them free range. They sleep next to each other either side of the wire.

I want to bond them when Oreo is neutered but i read it was a good idea to swap cages each day to get them used to each others smells..

I tried this last night and They were not pleased!! - Sooty wrecked Oreos part and wouldnt settle and Oreo pooped all over Sootys part..

Am i being a mean mummy by doing this as they obviously werent happy in each others compartment..

I thought maybe if i put a door between the 2 compartments when 1 is free outsidethe other can have the run of the 2 cages inside but still has their own part if thats what they want - does this sound a better idea?? help

13-10-2009, 02:42 PM
My Smudge poops everywhere when he's free-ranging as he free-ranges in the same rooms as the other three. It's a way of marking territory and will probably stop once he is neutered. When I bonded Nutmeg to the lops I didn't cage swap until she was done as it's their own personal space and they get fussy when I intrude let alone another rabbit! :lol: