View Full Version : is there a nice way of saying ur misstreating ur bun?

sam and nala
07-10-2009, 05:42 PM
recently my much older friend got out of a very difficult devorce....lost her dog, house and kids to arguments.

she moved into a little 2bed house on the beach with a very small back yard more like just a patio and very small rooms. in despare of being loanly and loosing everything she bought a bun.

now this bun was a rescue.....from p@h so obv got no house check. the yard is tiny and not enough space for a bun. she bought a cage for i think it was 40 from netto!!

the bun gets a massive bowl of cheap mix food which it never touches and no hay/veg....had no water when i went round:? which makes u think how long had it been like this for?

the bun gets no excersise because yard is not bun proof and so she does not let it out. the bun was terrified when i went to get it out of hutch it just isnt tame at all.

she didnt no it was a female so i sexed it and said its a doe and advised nutering ..... she didnt want to no about it even when i said get it done for free with rspca if ya cant afford it. even offered to build her a run so bun could go out....dosent want to no

im kind of at the end of my teather now of giving advice and not seeing results what can i do

i dont think shes interested in bun at all but im so :censored: at her....she just says she dosent have time for bun and horse and work.....so why the :censored: did she get the bun

07-10-2009, 06:01 PM
I would first try to give advice, sounds like you have already tried that though :( Maybe pass on some leaflets on rabbit care? You could say you were given them at the vets but already have some so you thought she might find them useful? Something actually written down might make her take more notice

If it was one of my friends I would have to report them and couldn't remain friends with someone who isn't exercising or providing their bun with water, sorry its probably not much help x

07-10-2009, 06:12 PM
Maybe if you told her the RSPCA guidelines, she might feel a bit more pressure into following them than your advice.