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Becky's Bunnies
06-10-2009, 04:21 PM
My 2 girls are going in for their spay tomorrow, i am so desperately worried about it, i know its for the best and has to be done but still:cry:.
I have a few questions about the after care....

Will i need to give them pain relief after? (ive only ever dealt with neutered chaps)

They have 2 boxes filled with hay that they jump in- will that need to come out- Hay getting into the wounds?.

They also have a second shelf in their dog crate- will i need to ''block'' this off to reduce jumping/too much movement?.

Any advice would be brill, my mind is in overdrive im panicking, i dont want them to be done but know i have to- its a horrible feeling, would never forgive myself if something bad happened.

06-10-2009, 05:04 PM
Oh its a worrying time isn't it!

I have only had one female bunny done but can advise the following:-

I was told to remove hay from litter boxes etc and just feed it from a hay rack until vet confirmed wound was healed. I used shredded paper bedding. (Newspaper shredded in the home office shredder!) It does need to be changed very regularly (at least twice a day) as its not very absorbant.

She will need to stay in for 24/36 hours (but sounds like she's a house bun anyway?) to keep warm as it is difficult for them to regulate temperature after an op.

Mine was not sent home with painkillers - she had some at the vets and I was told to call the next morning if I was at all worried - although I know some do get some to come home with. She was recovering nicely by then so no worries.

I was told to restrict her to no ramps or jumping up until her check up confirmed wound was healed.

I'm sure you know to expect her to be very sleepy and quiet on the first evening but keep tempting with nibbles and provide a bowl of water within easy reach. If she's not eating or pooing by the morning get her seen again. Ours was very quiet and took longer to get back with it than our boy but she ate, drank and pooped overnight once the lights were dimmed and the kitchen quiet.

Good luck!

06-10-2009, 05:10 PM
I keep my spayed girls on vet bed for about a week and give pain relief if I think they need it and I keep them in their indoor homes for a good few days why they heal. :)

06-10-2009, 05:18 PM
I had my baby girl spayed a few weeks ago its very worrying isnt it though Sooty is absolutely fine now and alot calmer so it is def worth doing as well as the health implications later on in life - so you are doing the right thing!

From my experience do not lay hay or put it in anything that will scrap her tummy, i used a fleece blanket for her to sleep on and hay on a tray to eat.. They advice to keep them inside for 24 hours as after surgery bunnies have trouble regulating their temperature - sooty is an indoor buns anyway. When we bought her home she did just sit in one spot for ages :cry:

Try to get her to eat - sooty refused for over 24 hours and i was really worried but eventually i persuaded her with dandelion leaves - I swear by them - wet them with water and they went down a treat! That is all she ate for the whole next day - didnt touch her usual much loved food, treats etc.
I was given pain relief which i managed to get down her with dandelion leaves too (hand fed her one leaf with 6 drops on) -so you can ask for some - they usually give them a pain relief injection after the surgery so you wont need to admister pain relief until the next day (though obviously take the advice of your vet on what to do). A sign to look out for is teeth grinding (usually means they are in pain:cry:). Also try herbs as they went down well with sooty aswell.
The main thing is to look at for poops - Sooty was eating but not pooping for quite a while which can be dangerous, I was about to book her in the vets again but then found a nice big pile haha :lol:

If theres anything else you want to ask then please do..

Good luck im sure she will be fine x :love:

06-10-2009, 05:50 PM
I know just how you feel - I was a nervous wreck the whole day mine were at the vets, and had to book a day's annual leave from work because I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate!

Small amounts of herbs can help to tempt their appetite after an op (flat leaf parsley in particular)... and water from a bowl is a good idea in the beginning as my little ones didn't want the hassle of going to their bottles! I tended to bring the bowl to them every couple of hours and they drank quite well that way. The advantage of small portions of freshly washed parsley also means they are taking in some water there too which is a little bonus :)

Although I had planned to anyway, I was advised by my vet to keep my girls together after their op as well - having the warmth of each other around them coupled with all the reassurance and comfort that inevitably gave them, was the most important factor in their recovery I think.

Thinking of you and your little girls, keep us posted x

06-10-2009, 06:12 PM
my girlie didnt eat or drink for a while and had me worried.I got some recovery powder, mix it with water and squirted it in her mouth, she picked up after about a week, she still gives me filthy looks though!!!:lol:

Becky's Bunnies
07-10-2009, 07:50 PM
Thankyou for the replies:).

Pleased to say they are home and eating bits of hay:D.
They dont seem drowsy at all bless them, got to keep them locked in the dog crate for a while but they are just dying to come out and jump on my sofa!.

Thankyou again guys:D

07-10-2009, 10:16 PM
I'm so pleased to hear they're doing well!x