View Full Version : do you think they know they are really poorly?

19-09-2009, 07:10 PM
ive been pondering on Pearls poorly heart and i wonder like us do they know they are poorly or do animals not think like that :?:?

i hate to think that i am causing her stress with drugs she dont want to give her more time and hopefully make her feel better, is it selfish to want them to stick around as long as possible :cry::cry::cry:

she was breathing a bit laboured this morning and the guilt that flows thro me is unreal... i put the aircon on and she perked up loads, but she still dont run and play like she used to... she is back to eating faster than Alvin now tho :love::love::love:

19-09-2009, 07:23 PM
It's impossible to tell really especially given how well they hide their symptoms but I tend to think that if they are still showing signs of enjoying life (eg pigging out on food!) then it's worth them "enduring" the treatment to stay here.

I used to feel awful about pinning Sorrel down and syringing hibiscrub then honey into her jaw cavity because she obviously found it painful. But she never bore a grudge about it, she never showed fear of me picking her up at that time of day and would come for treats and fusses immediately afterwards, which to my mind showed that while she disliked the treatment, she knew it was necessary and worthwhile. I guess some people would say I read too much into it but that's just the feeling I got.

There is always a dilemma with this kind of thing because humans don't speak animal...whatever discomfort Pearl may be in I'm sure she still enjoys being here with you and Alvin and knows that you only do what you think is best for her. x

19-09-2009, 07:31 PM
she does forgive quickly. but she also runs into the carrier when i first enter the room :cry::cry::cry:

she seems happy with Alvin and i still get a thorough grooming when i dont have drugs with me :love::love::love:

19-09-2009, 07:46 PM
Well it's natural enough for her to flee from what might be approaching meds, I would do the same myself!

It is a really tricky one though, in situations like this we can only do what our hearts tell us cos there is no other way of knowing. I know it's easier said than done but try to enjoy your time with her without letting the worry get in the way too much. x x

19-09-2009, 08:08 PM
My firm belief is we are all desinged to survive, that is why I go to so much effort with mine. If they go off their food, are obviously in pain or wasting away in front of me, I will let them go, otherwise I will fight along with them. Some of mine don't mind the meds, some do. Tabatha, the cat puts up a huge fight when she gets her tablets, but she is at my side just now looking for attention- so I would say they are a minor upset in an otherwise happy life. How many of us can say that doesn't happen.
If she holds no grudges and is eating happily- don't worry.

19-09-2009, 08:28 PM
It sounds like she still has a zest for life, and that's the thing to focus on. I think sometimes we need to fight alongside them and sometimes we need to let them go, and right now she is telling you to fight alongside her, and she is telling you that with the fact she enjoys food, she enjoys company, and she gets pleasure and enjoyment from life.

If she started to tell you things were too much and she couldn't fight anymore, then you may need to rethink what was best for her.

When Summer was diagnosed with cancer we could have let her go there and then, but she had 6 months of pleasure before she told us she was ready to go. She didn't act like she knew she was ill at all. I think at times she felt rough, but at other times she felt wonderful, and she got so much pleasure.

When Sweep got a lump in his stomach (he was an old man so we decided not to do anything invasive), the vet told us he would have 4 weeks maximum, but at 4 weeks he was going strong, yes, he was struggling somewhat but still getting a lot of pleasure so we added Metacam to his daily routine and from then he perked right up, and he survived another 2 weeks. Then he became completely incontinent and so I chose to let him go, even though his zest was still there.

I think they know they feel bad, but they don't necessarily know why, or what's happening until they get to the time when they might imminantly die, because then I think they know for sure-somehow related to instinct.

19-09-2009, 08:46 PM
Deisel has nodular myxi at the moment,I'd imagine he's feeling poorly but he doesn't show it much....Jasmine seems to know though because shes spending lots of time grooming him :love:

19-09-2009, 09:44 PM
Just remembered I have a book which has a really helpful chapter on these kinds of issues...I forget which book it is but will find out when I get home if you want. x

19-09-2009, 10:23 PM
I could tell when Squishy was felling rough, and she could tell when I was.
We used to have special "cuddle on the sofa and have a little nap" sessions when we were feeling under the weather.

I miss her sooooo much