View Full Version : introducing a new rabbit - advice???

01-09-2009, 05:57 PM
Hi there - i have posted on here before regarding our rabbit Smokey who is a 10 month old male rex. He has quite a personality and can be bullish - we have decided to get him a friend and we now have Lily (smokey has been castrated). We currently habe them in the same run but
seperated by a divide - they can see and smell each other and so far nothing adverse has happened.

However, i was wondering if anybody had any advice re timescale as to how long to leave the divide up before we introduce them. Pet shop indicated a couple of days but my gut feeling is should it be longer?

Hutch and run have been moved to neutral ground but Smokey still has access to the hutch whilst Lily has seperate sleeping in her half of the run.

Any comments/advice greatly appreciated.

01-09-2009, 06:04 PM
Hello :wave:
When I bonded my 2 outdoors to my 2 indoors I had a divide up in the shed,covered the divide up with towels for the first night then the next day I took the towels down and left them for 2/3 days where they could smell/see each other. I let 2 out into the run first let them settle, then let the other 2 out and had a water pistol and a broom shank (to seperate :lol:) at the ready!
Just edited to say expect some argie bargie and its ok to let them do that aslong as there not harming each other - you can normally tell between argie bargie and a propper fisty fight with buns, its just important they both work out who is top bunny
Good luck :wave: