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Raven Rexs
07-08-2009, 12:21 PM
i got an email from a gent on the 5th regarding an Orange rex

"hi i was wonderig if you have any orange tex available at all or anytime soon?
i own a back otter possibly martin sable rex myself n they got loads of space. i live far away but cud possibly arrange an animal courier.


to which i sent this to know more about the person

i have some orange rexs in the nest what is it you want them for so i can sort out the one more suited for you?
pet/ breeding/showing and weather a buck or doe?

i then got this back its hard to understand i know gramma is v.poor

well id be wanting either doe or buck as i wouls like to breed em n for pet.
i probablycud show them. i have a black otter possibly martin sable rex thingy. im in no rsh forem as such getting them may be another story. but the more orangey the better and the more stunning the better

i probably live v far but i know of a cheap animal courier that cost 30p per mile. where are u based?

well this didnt look to good so i wanted to know exactly what hes doing

Thing is pet ones often dont show or breed well.
show ones dont make good pet/breeders
Breeders dont make good showers

and if you breed an orange rex to anything other than a fawn or orange you will only
get out brown rubbishy ones never ever and orange!!!!

Are you British Rabbit Council Regestered?

to which i was astonshed as i got this back:shock:

well i probably wont show them. I got the black otter doe at end of jan and she was mated with a cream lionhead. but when i bought her they said she was a pedigree n i cud show her with he been a pedigree. shes good condition. I mean i dont mnid too much s long as they are good quality and the ears are like rex's should be.
Cos if u have got a doe n bucj orange that is not from the same litter id have to. It would onyl generally be an hobby n sell em to the puplic and children and things. but i like the rex breed even jsut as a pet. .
the doe i own at mo is in a 12x6 foot aviary n im awaiting a 6x3 foot chicken house with nest box attachement etc so they'd be having a good home.
Im not registered no, as i say theywouls be a bet but i may reed them anyway s its nice to see babies n seem them get homes.. although i makes me sad that some only get small hutches

At least he metioned about the hutches i guess but im certainly not letting my Rexs go to some one that crossbreeds so i have sent him this

Im sorry but i have worked very hard with getting my orange rexs to where they are now for colour, type and fur type to see them being bred for the pet trade.
i dont really see why on earth would someone put a show quality rex to a lionhead? theres so many mongral type rabbits in rescues and pet shops i would hate to see anything from my lines going into a rescue its no life at all.

I hope none of the rescues take any offence to this i know they have a good life once they get to you i was trying to get a point across to him:roll:

07-08-2009, 12:31 PM
Quite right not to sell him one! I really wish people would do their homework before thinking about breeding!

07-08-2009, 12:34 PM
his grammer is terrible!! I think you have said the right thing to him!! Don't blame you at all.

07-08-2009, 12:43 PM
Me thinks you done right. It sounds like those scammers who offer dogs on gumtree for 'adoption', who are, god going to offend someone, foreign.

Cud is spelt COULD, that annoys me soooo much. :oops:

Ted an Petal
07-08-2009, 12:51 PM
that was so hard to read, has he never heard of spell checker. :roll: glad you didn't sell him one he's sounds irrsponable.

Raven Rexs
07-08-2009, 12:52 PM
just got this reply

Well if i happen to buy one or 2 of different litters of the orange rex from u they would be a pet, an if i did breed em they would be pure breeds orange to orange, and then id sell them from there. but i like the orange rex anyway.
I mean ive bred the black otter, with the lionhead as i wanted to breed her anyway, but if i bred the 2 oranges together they wud have good babies.
Althought from where u are it would cost me alot in the long run.
I not sure if they owner b4 i got my black otter doe was a brc registered but she had laods of quality breeds and had peopel comngi all over for them. I dont liek to cross breed thats why i'd be wanting 2 of the same breed to stay in the same breed n color

got another from him

I know what u mean tho. although the corss breeds i sold a few weeks ago went i'd like em to go happy n go to a good home. i ahd a few calls for em but wasnt unti they had to go at 8wks i too kthen to a petshop , i wud ave prefered em to go to owners., but i understand that if u did sell me 2 orange rex they there pure bred babies would only be for pets unless like the person i got my otter from, i get people comngi from all sis of the UK cos they like show rabbits. But its a 2ay thing i guesss. as the babies of the orange would have parents off pure bred that are only pets but they;d have loads of run space etc n so have good babies of good quality that ltos of people would buy whether they wud show after that i dnt know.
so unless i get 2 other orange form differn palces that may be my best bet

Ive sent this back

Orange rexs do not make good pets they a very skitty although there are exceptions many will scratch and would rather be left alone.
Yes ppl come from all around the country for mine aswell but they are either wanting them as pets to which they sign a contract stating they are to be Neutured as soon as they are mature, if thier wanting them for show/breeding they are to be Brc registered and they tell me thier id number so that i may check this as i dont want any of my line ever going into the pet trade so that ppl think they can make money off of them they also then understand the show standard to which the aim is for breeding them.

hopefully he ll take a hint and scamper off now

07-08-2009, 12:59 PM
Oh dear, he isn't making sense at all. He doesn't like cross breeding but he did it anyway?! :roll:

07-08-2009, 01:02 PM
I wish more breeders refused to sell on to breeding homes:cry:

Raven Rexs
07-08-2009, 01:08 PM
i will forward this info the the orange rex club with his name hopefully he wont get any orange rex for his money scheme

Raven Rexs
07-08-2009, 01:24 PM
Just got this one guess he cant take a hint its making me so angry:censored:
any advice shall i tell him to come on here?

nope this was more local to me in doncaster, i just rang em noe to see if they knew any more local to me they said they go to shows n that but dont really know as they ahve black and broken black rex which is pprobably y i ended up with a black otter, saynig that there isnt any brown in her at all apart from a smudgeish under her cheek bone. rest is white on her neck underbelly and rondu the eyes, so if that person in doncaster goes to shows I don't doubt shes a show rabbit cos they did say i could show her. When took her to vets other day they said she was good condition and nice teeth.
She is preg i think agaih to the lionhead but it;'ll be last tyime 1, beacuse the male is probably abotu 3 years now and 2 if i bred her again it would be with havana or brown otter type.
I even came acorss an ad on interent but no pic of a oprange rex apparently bred with the belgian hare, would have been an interesting breed but probably ugly.
I was looking at a beautiful orange buck of 3 or 4 in birmingham but wats the reccomended max age for retiring breeding of a buck or even doe, come to think of it?

07-08-2009, 01:28 PM
just ignore them, sounds like a child IMHO

07-08-2009, 01:35 PM
Think there's a breeder in Doncaster giving away all their rabbits cos they are giving up. There were rexes in that:cry:

And contis

07-08-2009, 09:57 PM
he wants to breed but doesn't even know the correct ages of when and when not to breed :roll: he clearly doesn't care too much otherwise he would have done his home work. He obviously didn't do too well in English at school, jeezzz.... he sounds like a someone I'd have great arguments with!! :?