View Full Version : Neat trick to induce my free range buns to drink more water

Happy Hopping
08-05-2009, 11:05 AM
I should have think of this trick a year ago. For the past 1 yr., I notice they have a few favorite spots in the house. In each spot, I put a bowl of hay and a bowl of water. But those are the spots that I have space to put hay and water.

They also have yet another favorite spot on the hallway. And I don't have space for a bowl of hay. So in the past 1 year, there is nothing there. Just the other day, I decide to put a bowl of water at the corner of the hallway, and it works, as they sat there long enough, Bernie go for it and drink the bowl of water. Now, I have 4 bowl of hay and 4 bowl of water in the house for them. :D