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04-05-2009, 09:11 PM
Hi All

My OH and I bought the bunnies some new flooring at the weekend, its the grey rubber interlocking tiles (about 2ftx2ft) anyway, we thought that they were great! Looked good, were cheap and are easy to clean. Dolly thinks that they are great too....She is eating them :roll::shock:

So now we are going to have to cover them (I have put a bit old carpet over them just now).

We were just wondering what is best, we have laminate lying around and wood efffect tiles and things (perks of an OH builder!) but not sure what would be best for the buns. We didnt really want to use carepet as its trickier to clean and we thought that tiles/lamiante would be better for the summer months.

Anyone any suggestions?


04-05-2009, 09:40 PM
https://www.thehayexperts.co.uk/Tunnels%2C+Tents+%252526+Mats.8/Natural+Grass+Mat+%3A+Extra+Large.444.html?osCsid= 7b282qn5gfkc87d32r9onk7626

have a look at those.

We had big problem with Truffle chewing on the door mats we put in their cage - had it on all their levels in the cage. We decided to change it as we didn't want her to get blocked up with all carpet etc. She has been fine on the mats from Hay experts and loves chewing them and ripping them up which is fine by us. We just replace them! :D:D:D