View Full Version : Playhouse - run attached but WHAT flooring?

31-03-2009, 09:50 PM
I have a man coming around tommoro to quote me for building a massive walk in rabbit run to my playhouse
My current setup is a metal run attached and the buns, as it stands only go in for supervised playtime! The door is a stable door so the bottom door gets opened to let them out when im in the dining room or in the garden where I can watch....I have 4 paving stones outside the door + the rest of the run is all grass.
Ella is a demon digger, so im thinking big cream flagstones to match the rest of the garden? What do
people use to clean the patio slabs? We have a power jet, but is it advisable to use a chemical cleaner after the buns have been in? What do you lovley lot use to clean your runs with?
The run, is going to have a roof, but do you think I could get some big flat tarpaulins, fix them to each side of the run, so they can be rolled up when warm and dropped when wet?
Opinions etc appreciated :D