View Full Version : Dolly and Nibbler....the saga contiunes Advice Please

21-03-2009, 03:31 PM
Hello all!! As you may recall, I tied to bond dolly and nibbler a few months ago now which went well at frist but ended badly with one attacking the other in the night. Thankfully no one ws injured, but I havent attempted bonding since....untill today.

Dolly and Nibs went to the vet today to get thier nail clipped. I told the vet that I was having trouble and that there were a ot of people that seemed to think that putting them into a carrier together for a car ride works. She said she hadnt heard of it but said she would put them both into the same carrier for our trip home.

Car trip was fine - they snuggled up together.

We got home, I put them in the run in the garden (As neither had been there before) and the wouldnt get out of the pet carrier, they were still snuggling.

So we took them out of the run and I have them both in an indoor cage with a towel, hay and a water bottle..nothing else. They snuggled for ages then Nibls groomed Dolly. They are both just ignoring each other now.

My question: Should I move them to a bigger area, what is the biggest space that I should put them in?

Sorry for the long post!!!

Any help would be much appreciated!:p:p

21-03-2009, 06:17 PM

When bonding you should keep them in a reasonable smaller space to avoid fights over territory. Increase space bit by bit over days.

They sounds like they are doing well, humping, chasing, fur pulling is all normal incase they start doing that. You will know if they are properly fighting. Leave them too it for now. Good luck! :)