View Full Version : Anemia in buns?

13-02-2009, 06:36 AM
Lily has been strange for some time and not behaving as her usual herself.

Took her to the vets and he did an xray and it came back all clear.
He did some bloods too and the resutls show she's a little anemic.
Has anyone heard of this and know of any possible causes?

Please help

13-02-2009, 07:07 AM
It would depend on what type of anaemia, regenerative or non-regenerative ?

Possible causes of regenerative anaemia include:
Blood loss from wounds
Severe parasite infestation
Internal blood loss eg blood passed in wee or poo
Blood loss from a tumour
Lead Toxicity
Bleeding disorders such as haemophilia (mainly effects Belgian Hares)
Thymoma and Lymphosacrcoma ( 2 types of cancer)

Possible causes of non-regenerative anaemia include:
Chronic disease such as Dental Disease, abscesses,ear infections,respiratory tract infections, Sore hocks, Kidney Disease, chronic stress.............................