View Full Version : Should she go today or next week???!

06-02-2009, 01:11 PM
Fudge has dental probs and hasnt had a dental since 17th Dec!
She was at the vet 3/4 weeks ago to get a check up on her teeth and he said they looked good so to go back in a few weeks!

She has been eating, pooping, weeing fine and is really happy just now!

Should i take her to the vets today for another check up or would waiting untill next week ok?
Its just i have a lot to do today and i could take her next wed as Gizmo has an appointment then and it would save a consultation fee :roll:

She had a bit of a sore tummy on tuesday night which i thought were her teeth but after the slimely poo on the floor i knew it was the savoy cabbage i had given her :?

Is it best to take her today?
Sorry for long post :oops::wave: