View Full Version : Just back from the vets with Odd-eye.

19-01-2009, 10:22 PM
Went down to put the rabbits to bed tonight, and thought Odd-eye wasn't quite himself, then when he didn't go to his food and flopped out on his side, looking uncomfortable, I decided to phone the vet. The vet was already at the surgery, so we whipped him in and got him checked over. He was a bit wheezy a couple of weeks ago, but a couple of baytril injections sorted that out, and his chest is clear tonight, the vet did think he was uncomfortable in his tummy though. So he has had metochlop, metcam and a shot of baytril (just incase). Hopefully he will be fine in the morning, but he is booked in tomorrow morning just to make sure. He is booked into the branch where I work, but Misty, the cat, is in the main branch tomorrow for chest x-rays and an ECG, so it is a day of running around and 3 vet visits, as we will have to pick up Misty after her check up.