View Full Version : Getting Speyed Soon!!!!

15-01-2009, 11:25 AM
Fudge is my only bun not neutered and i think its time she gets done!
She is just over a year and i have been putting it off as im so nervous and dont want her to be in pain :(:(:(

My last female to get done was over a year ago and she had a Ferplast Rabbit 120 cage and i kept her in there for a few days!
Fudge has a NIC setup and it has 2 levels! Do i keep her in there and block off the level or put her in the spare cage that Millie was in after her op?

I dont know if i should change cage as it may stress her out being in a different cage that doesnt smell like her?

Also do i put her litter tray in or let her pee in the corner of the cage and clean it eveyday?

I need help, I really dont want to get her done as she is such a lovely bunny and i have no problems with her at all (litter trained easily and no eating of anything she shouldnt)

15-01-2009, 02:12 PM
Awww, I know how nerve wracking it is but I'm sure you already know about the health benefits of spaying (ie. the high risk of uterine cancer in unspayed females) so it is definitely worth getting her done.

She will be a bit sleepy for the first day or so and off her food for a while but she will soon be back to her normal self. ;) I would keep her in her NIC set up, but just block off the upper level for a week or two, and remove anything that she's likely to jump up onto, to make sure she doesn't do any damage.

As for the litter tray, she will probably still want to use it but don't put any litter/hay in there for the first couple of days to avoid aggravating the stitches. I used newspaper and topped it off with some shredded paper, just to absorb the wee so Bubbles wasn't standing in a puddle of it.