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06-01-2009, 12:28 AM
HellOoo! I'ma NEW bun mommy. I've had BunBun since 2/07 and have had so much fun watching him grow. However, I'm very new to this. I need a lot of help to keep my bun safe and healthy. I mentioned in another thread that Bun keeps chewing on a terry cloth towel I gave him, he's pulling threads out and I believe eating them because I'm finding it in his stool. So, I heard that I should give him a phone book to play with and remove the towel. Well, I gave him a phone book and he won't stop eating the pages. He rips them out and eats them! Is that safe? I've given him chewing blocks and wood blocks but he chews them at first and then they go in the corner for eternity and never get touched. He's only a year old and I really want my Bun to be healthy yet have fun and play around. But, I'm having a hard time. I give him cardboard boxes, he enjoys them and chews them. But, with the wooden cage my husband made for him, if Bun gets too bored, he's going to chew chew chew on the wood and destroy it. Please help! :(

Ted an Petal
06-01-2009, 08:45 AM
does your bunny have plenty of hay to eat all day? sounds like he's hungry.