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26-12-2008, 02:40 PM
Im considering buying a snugglesafe heat pad for fudge as she always seems very cold!
She lives in my room and it does get cold sometimes but every morning when i let her out her cage her ears are like ice!

now i dont know if i should buy one or not! Im getting one for when my buns first go outside in the spring and for winter but should i get one for Fudge?


26-12-2008, 03:08 PM
I debated getting one, but in the end I got two. They are handy to have. Even if you just give her it, she has a choice to snuggle up to it or not. its great for when they are under the weather or, there is a cold snap.

26-12-2008, 03:13 PM
:DThanks im going to get one from P@H next week!
I hope she likes it lol im buying her it with my xmas money:lol:

26-12-2008, 04:13 PM
They are good to have about even if your bunnies don't use them all the time to keep warm :) I have a few and they have been brilliant when my rats have become sick so definitely worth keeping in the animals first aid kit if you have one :)

26-12-2008, 04:19 PM
Unless she's ill or recovering from an op, I cant imagine she'd need a snugglesafe indoors. Have you tried checking the heat in your room overnight with a thermometer? It wont be below freezing and is probably quite warm, comparatively speaking. Dont forget what seems cold to you, is quite warm to a fur-coated rabbit. Her ears may seem cold but if you stroke her and tuck your fingers into her fur, see how warm she is. I'd just make sure the cage is insulated underneath and out of any draughts.

Muppet spends overnight in my dining room which does get cold because the radiator is never on (though it gets warmed during the evening by whatever heating is in the lounge, it cools down quickly at night) and because there are large patio doors. The temp in there gets to about 10C I think. In winter I put a newspaper under his cage to ensure it's insulated as the floor is laminate rather than carpet (he has profleece inside the cage). The doors are a bit draughty so I put an old towel down to block that and a throw over his cage for extra draught-proofing.

I do all that and obviously he prefers to sleep in the coldest spot: right next to the doors...! :roll:

26-12-2008, 04:36 PM
I've bought a couple this year, due to having poorly rabs. They are really useful to have in. I pop one outside with Pippin if it's freezing, and I was able to give one to Ruby when she was poorly with her leg.
I didn't really think I needed them, but they all had snuggle safes when they went into boarding (spoilt bunnies!) and I'm glad I invested in a couple.

26-12-2008, 07:04 PM
Well fudge has towels in her cage and she tends to burry herself in them:lol:!
She is one of my dental buns and has a dental every 6-8 weeks so would be handy for then as last time it took her a good few hours snuggled upto me under my bed covers to heat her up :? !
When she got home she was shivering and i wish i had a snugglesafe!
when she is out her cage the place she likes to sleep is under my radiator :lol: (which is on a low heat setting and hot at night):D