View Full Version : Nicholas is getting cheeky!

23-12-2008, 10:28 PM
Hi :wave:

I just wanted to get some advice really...

Nicholas has really changed over the last few weeks. He's stopped sitting around feeling sorry for himself (he lost his wifey bun on 9th Nov). He has started wandering further out of his side of the lounge, climbing on chairs, he's even bitten through Stef's Wii and PS2 wires! :shock:

He has got VERY close to me, he sits on my lap and eats his pellets in the evening out of my hand. He knows when it's meal time, as he sees me take the lamp to the back door, to hutch the outdoor buns. Then, he waits at the door for me to return and gets all excited when I get back in the door. :love:

The problem is, he is getting quite insistent that I am his 'special' friend! :oops: He runs rings around my feet, follows me everywhere in the lounge, gets funny with the cat if I fuss him, and nips me if I dont fuss him back! :shock:

I've tried making him new toys, cutting tunnels through boxes, food treats in wood rolls/ loo rolls, changing things around for little surprises in his house (3 storey NIC setup). He flops out in there like he's the king of the world, almost nothing fazes him. I had to sleep downstairs the other night (Stef was having a bad night and couldn't get upstairs again), and when I snored (:oops:), Nick bolted down from the top floor of his house and was desperately trying to open the door on his house to get to me! :shock:

He is due to stay inside till spring, when Miffy will be coming back here to be bonded with him. Any suggestions on how to keep him occupied in the meantime?

How do you guys with single indoor buns keep them happy?

24-12-2008, 04:21 PM
:wave: Aww Mate what is Nicholas like :lol: Lenny loves his willow balls and he also enjoys chewing at his apple logs :shock: Perhaps another underbed box full of hay may keep him amused. Sending hugs xxx

24-12-2008, 07:00 PM
Hi Steph!

Bless him, this is where he lives, but has free ranging all day from 6.30am till gone midnight...
The ground floor red tray is newspaper, meadow hay and a sprinkling of Herbs Plus from the Naturals Boredom Breaker range. The blue box on the 2nd floor has the same, with Alfalfa King Timothy Hay. He has a dandelion stick and a parsley bell hanging from the 2nd floor ceiling tonight, and usually has similar stuff there. He also has on the first floor, a log roll, willow sticks, dumbells and corn toys.

He comes to me for his pellets, which he has on my lap, but if I dont feed him quickly enough, he makes holes in my clothes (and sometimes me!) :shock:

You just wouldn't believe the difference in him Steph, since he's gotten over Maggie, he is a completely different bunny! He definitely thinks he is the alpha male in the house - NOTHING worries him (even my noisy lot!).