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Jessica Rabbit
22-11-2008, 12:53 PM
Sorry to put this here, but need advice quickly:oops::oops:

As the title says. Just when everything seems perfect, Eric and Ernie have a big fight!!:cry::cry::cry:

As you may know, they moved into their shed a few weeks ago and were out in their run during the day and in their shed at night.
Last weekend we opened the cat flap and they have been able to go inside and outside whenever they liked.

It was perfect - they loved it. So much so, that they were still outsde last night at 8.30pm

This morning, they used their litter trays and then I opened the cat flap and out they went.

They were fine, so I went to take a shower before going to work.

When got down to say good bye at 8.20am, there was fur everywhere in the run and blood in the shed.

I called my Hubbie and we checked them over. Eric has a gash on his ear.

He's not overly keen on me handling hm, but I can't see any other wounds.
Ernie doesn't appear to have any cuts.

I have been to the vets and got some Baytril, which will start this afternoon.

I dont know what could have caused the fight, but we live in quite a noisy area and I think they may have been spooked by somethng, causing Ernie to run scared.

My hubbie monitored them all mornng and cleared up the mess, and said they were both groomng each other..

So, my questions are:

Is it likely that this will be a lifelong thing with them? They sleep together cuddled up and groom each other, share the same food bowls, all wth no trouble at all.

Why is it that the dominant, bigger one (Eric) coming off worst in these fights?