View Full Version : buns that dont like veg?

12-11-2008, 03:20 PM
hi the older bun i took in this week isnt keen on veg, he nibbles a bit at the carrot but then doesnt worry to much i have treid lots of random stuff fruti and veg that mine like the only thing iv yet to try him with is herbs as havent been to shops yet, but he eats hay fine and eats his pellets fine i am having him vet checked this weekend for his teeth just in case tho his front ones look ok, i dont know if its just he has never tried veg before or if he doesnt like it he eats wallflower i give him and eats dandilion leaves and apple branches he chews the sticks... so maybe he is just a more o natrual forage food typev bun? any one else know which plants i could try him with..obviously any new introduction is small and gradual his tum is coping fine x

12-11-2008, 03:42 PM
id take it as a blessing really if he only like hay and dried, when i got linus all he would eat is strawberries and carrots thus he will need dental for the rest of his life now,

you can try dried herbs mixed in the hay then offer fresh after that, the only other way i got linus to eat more stuff was when he was bonded with frosty,