View Full Version : FAO The Christmas Lose a stone thread people!

08-11-2008, 02:41 AM
I am a personal trainer and although usually have plenty to do am willing to give advice out with regards to mainly exercise and some nutritional info if you feel it would help.

However in return I would like to ask for a donation towards a rabbit rescue (or more than one).

The donation structure may vary depending on whether you would like me to answer a simple question or two or work on a full blown exercise and nutrition plan for you (as this requires more time)! I can also agree to be your online PT (up until xmas only due to being very busy again in new year).

For example:

1 or 2 questions = Minimum donation of 1
Exercise plan = Min donation of 2.50
Nutrition guide = Min donation of 2.50
Full blown plan = Min donation of 5
Online PT up until xmas (will give you motivation, plan, exercise and answer Q's) = Minimum donation of 10.

Please PM me if you would like me to help and also if you are a rescue wishing to receive the funds in question or you would like to put a certain rescue forward for help.

I will keep track of all monies raised, the money must be sent directly to the rescue and they will confirm with me that it has been received. Once Xmas day is here I will post how much we have raised.

I do hope this will help both members of RU and bunnies in need :D

* Just to edit that I have decided it would be much easier that donations were for RU instead of actual rescues and that any donations received in time will be apart of the xmas appeal.