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24-10-2008, 09:55 PM
Well what a week.I've had since getting Angus 17.10.08 (named after an actor from H2O plays Lewis)) How stressful can it be with a little bunny???

I took him to the vets on Saturday morning to get him checked over because I knew he had dental problems watery eyes!!!!He was booked in for dentals!!!I mentioned to the vet that I would like Angus neutered later in the month!!! Well vet said Angus can be 'done' at the same time as having his teeth sorted!Great just one lot of anaesthetic!

So on Monday morning I put Angus in the pet box,first to school drop off the kiddles!Arrived at the vet for 9.30am worring already set in! Asked to phone at 1.30pm!Went home and waited!1.30pm finally arrived phoned vtes releave he was ok.Had to pick him up at 5.30pm.Got him home he looked fine.Gave him some food and left him in the pet box (it is huge)

Tuesday morning I gave him his antibiotics, checked his wounds ooooh heck both wide open!!! Took kids to school got straight back asked friend for a lift down to the vets (I don't have car)I was in the vets by 9.10am.Told the lass at the desk what was wrong???? Straight into the room to show the vet! Oh yes says the vet,the vet that had performed the op had only 'guled' the area??? So poor Angus had to under go another anaesthetic,so that they could be cleaned and STITCHED & glued.Well I phoned later told to pick up him at 1.30pm.Great Angus ok.As I was about to leave,the receptionist said do you want to pay your bill on your next visit!!!
Pardon I said!
The bill is 38!!! (what a cheek!!)
I just looked at her in disbelieve! After I put my eyes back into my sockets!
What do you mean 38,I paid 92 just yesterday he should have been stitched then,if he had stitched and then pulled them out.Then yes I would pay.I don't see why I should pay for something that should have been done yesterday!!!
Oh she says I'll phone vets (the other practice the vet had left for dinner??) explained to this person and sweetly said you don't need to pay!!!
I with big smiled said thank you!

Wednesday noticed he had pulled 2 stitches out!

Thursday only 2 left!!! but still together!!!

Today Angus been for his check up and his wounds ok.Even if he has pulled ALL his stitches out!!!!

Angus also been vaccinated againist myxamatosis tooo

25-10-2008, 08:27 AM
It does sound like you've had a bit of a difficult time with Angus. It does help if the vets check if you should be charged rather than waiting for you to query the bill.
I hope Angus recovers quickly:D

25-10-2008, 08:34 AM
some vets do only use glue but most will use internal stitches as well as there is less cahnce of them pulling them out. if he has pulled out his stitches it could be because he is uncomfortable or in pain was he given a pain relief injection? should have been metacam otherwise metroclopromidE(its the same thing) if not then i would get him some and also if wound is open possibly some antibiotics as a preventative another thing you could try to stop remaining stitches being pulled out is the jumper you maeka wooly jumper that fits bun so they cant pull at the stitches if he stil lcontinues then a collar might be best for his welfare most vets dont use them in rabbtis as they struggle to eat drink and re eat their caceotrophs(poops) i hope that he gets better poor lad bles shim that sounds quite a lot to have paid for a neuter of a male bunny and a dental arthur was 58 for both under 1 anestetic including 1xpre op check and 2xpost op chekc and pain relief and antibiotic injection adn gut stimulant.

25-10-2008, 08:48 AM
That's buns for you - never easy!!