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11-10-2008, 03:15 AM
I have been wondering for a while, but just today, I decided to ask. I'm twelve years old, and own one rabbit at the moment. I've gotten permission from the Land Lords, but I wouldn't want to push it over the edge and ask if I can house four more. :roll:

I'd like to adopt three more rabbits, and depending on what you think, foster one. I live in B.C. Canada, and if I find any answer's, they tend to be 'To foster, you have to be 18 or up.'
This doesn't give me much hope, but, I really feel the need to help out. I think it would help out the Rescue, give the rabbit more one on one attention, and in return, I'd have fun doing it.

Any experiances, or answer's would be good. Do you think I might be able to foster, or is it a definate no? Please, don't be sweet with me, I can take all the criticism you have to offer. :wave:


11-10-2008, 08:44 AM
I started fostering at 21 - but they had to get the house owners permission (my parents) first - you can foster at 12 I think if the person looking after you (parent/gaurdian) asks on your behalf, and says they will take responsibility of things like getting to and from vets and care while your at school.....

11-10-2008, 09:27 AM
There are lots of ways to help if you are not allowed to foster, like you might be able to go to rescues and help socialise rabbits/other animals there. There might be a minimum age limit but it would probably be 14 or 15, although they might not have one (not sure how it would work over there).

Have you thought about calling your local Rabbit Rescue and asking?

12-10-2008, 05:52 AM
Well, I'll be turning 13 this Spring, so I'll phone our local rescue. The thing is, our local rescue is more into dogs, and cats. They're building an actual rescue center, but it's not functional yet. Otherwise, all of the animals are fostered. I went onto the site, and there was one thing, and it said there were alot (number wasn't pin pointed) of bunnies for adoption. When we phoned the Adoption Center, they gave us an adress to this odd estate that had rabbits running all over the yard. They showed us to this disgustingly messy shed, and hidden underneath some old, rusty, pile of bikes, there was a Californian doe. She had some kits in a corner of the shed. They looked young, and the kids (two boys a bit younger than me) were picking them up, and handling them like no tomorrow. :?

Then, they showed me and my mom this very young bun. It looked as if it should still be with it's mother, and nursing. They said they're father wanted to keep it, and that for a "treat" they would syringe it milk. I was slightly astonished. :shock:

They said that they have a bunch of domestic rabbits running free range around they're property. They also said that the rabbits are so scared that they can hardly catch them (they have a few acers of property), but if they did, they'd try to get at one of the many litters that are being constantly produced, and find one for me. I haven't been called, and don't really want to be.... The reason the poor bunnies are so scared is because they said their neighbors shoot them whenever they get the chance. :evil: :cry:
It's fall, and I'm beginning to wonder: What will the buns do when it's freezing outside, and the ground it covered in snow? Oh, and to top it off, from what I saw, the rabbits didn't have any proper food (pellets, hay, veggies) besides the greens on the ground, nor did they have any water bottles, or bowls. One more thing. The boys didn't seem to be in it for the 'fun of it.' The rabbits weren't being sold at $20.00 (think thats around 10 in your money, but I'm not too sure) because of the vet bills, but just for the sake of the kids wanting to earn some money. :evil: :evil: :evil:
That makes me INTENSLY mad.

Now, sorry that I made this small discussion into something more heartbreaking. Better get back on topic... :oops:

12-10-2008, 09:48 AM
:shock::shock: Is there no one you can report them to in your country? That sounds awful :( :cry:

Rgearding the foster, like people have said you should ring your local rabbit rescue and, even if you are too young to foster, you could maybe go down and help out with cleaning the cages etc?? Im sure they'd really appreciate the help :) I foster, but im 22 :oops: :) Good luck and keep us updated :) xXx

13-10-2008, 05:47 AM
Yes, there's the SPCA, but, although I should think about that animals first, (ugh, I HATE myself for this) I would feel bad for the kids to have all of their buns taken away. :oops: :shock: There. I said it...
Plus, when I went there, the house was for sale. I'm guessing it's still for sale, since it was incredibly high (on the pricetag). When they move, I wonder what they'd do with the buns. Probobly just leave 'em. :? I'm just thinking of the worst things that could happen. Tsk tsk Anna, gain control of yourself. :oops:

I'd like to. I'll look into it, but as said earlier, there isn't one in our range, unless I get my mum to drive me an hour to the big town. I don't think she'd have time for that, plus that fact that during the winter, these snowy mountains are easy to slip and slide on. Shucks. I really did want to. If I lived back in my old city, I would've been bound to run into a Rabbit Rescue.