View Full Version : Hiding rabbits lol

31-08-2008, 02:44 PM
Just had to share this with you, i had to get some strong plastic to cover the boys big run for when it rains, i mangaged to get it on the run & cover it over so i can put them outside when its rainning, which it is chucking it down today :(
I got them into the run but they was so scared,The plastic cover fighten them, one ran into the litter box to hide & the othe ran into his box tunnel lol, i went inside to do their toast but they was still hiding. They are still fighten of me :cry: & i've had them for a year an half, but when i started to talk to them to come out, they both come running to me lol & not for the toast, it made my day really has i know they come to me to feel safe, so i sat with them for a while & they went off eating the grass, & an hour on they are still eating grass & bone dry lool.
Its the first time they have ever come & sat with me lol & it was a lovely feeling :wave:

31-08-2008, 03:53 PM
awww thats so sweet... it really makes it special when your buns decide they actually do like you!! and not just the food you give them!