View Full Version : fox litters when are they less dependant on a determined mum,bun safety advise plz

24-07-2008, 12:21 PM
sorry bit long winded
last night was a long night for me although im fairly sure a fox cant get into my hutches, i have both latches and bolts,
i had this feeling last night so i added barricades to the front of my hutches i.e folded runs in front, folding garden chairs etc so if a fox came along he/she would have to make a lot of racket to get to them and as my bedroom is over the garden, and i have my windows open as well as being a light sleeper i knew i would wake up.
As foxes now pretty much roam the streets security lights dont really deter them, most likely a more "thanks i can see better now"
but last night i woke up to frosty thumping went down stairs low and behold my security light didnt come on anyway :evil: there was a vixen standing in my garden, for which she looked at me then the other hutch i have under my kitchen window for which i have the bubbies (well 2 x 5 months olds) in, she didnt move even when i opened my french doors, she looked pretty determined too, so i stepped out shooed her off even shooed her away from the next two gardens over, but frosty and humbug would not stop thumping and i mean it was VERY loud, for an hour, after a while they calmed down so i went back to bed for it all to start again but no fox i looked everywhere, so for another half hour i sat outside there hutches, humbug whos only keen on me when i feed him, was loving the reasureing strokes and soon calmed down frosty who a big girl was not having it and kept going till i also managed to calm her down,
Now im reckoning this vixen has babies so she was looking for an easy feed, i dont really mind having to get up and shoo them off,
a freind said get a guard dog, i told him i dont need one as frosty and humbug where loud enough,:lol:
now apart from my obvious concern, the house is empty one side of me, but the other is not so im worried the neighbours will complain if the noise is every night, i dont have a shed but i have a garage but my worry is it will be too hot in there with these warm nights we are having as it has no windows and it would defeat the object leaving the door open, i can put the two small boys inside but not the other 4, any ideas on the weaning time for baby foxes so mom might not be so determined to come back, and what other suggestions could i do, i feel once shes weaned her pups off it wont be so bad, and i know i cant stop the thumping to be honest im rather glad of it as they are telling me and other buns of danger, so with the fox and the buns they are only doing whats natural, but i really dont want my buns becoming to stressed or becomeing dinner :(

24-07-2008, 12:39 PM
I don't know about the cubs question to be honest.

Have you seen these electronic deterrents?

24-07-2008, 12:49 PM
I would put them all in the garage at night. I would say you probably have a couple more months before the foxes start not being around as much.

24-07-2008, 04:27 PM
I was thinking of this again, if you are sure the fox can't physically get to the rabbits, then the only issues are the rabbits fear and the noise.

You could muffle the noise by putting carpet on the bottom of the hutch. And so they can't see the fox maybe you can put a sheet/some kind of shutters on the hutch? Not sure about the smell though.

Otherwise, I know some people on here have said they feed the foxes so they don't feel so desperate to get to their rabbits.

24-07-2008, 10:17 PM
My vixens has cubs who are now nearly as big as her (so well grown)the vixen is always around hiding in the bushes in next doors very overgrown garden:evil:
They are still dependent on their mum to supply them with food so she will be desperate to feed her growing family:cry:
I am sure that your fox will be back tonight and every night as she knows your bunnies re there:cry::shock:
I would move them to the safety of the garage (at least at night although foxes will come out during the day as well)then you will be able to sleep knowing that they are safe:)

25-07-2008, 11:59 AM
well i moved the baby buns indoors last night, double checked all hinges and locks, i really cant put the buns in the garage its just way too hot and even with a fan after a while it would just blow out warm air defeteing the object, there was only two thumps last night but i was up till 6am was up again at 9 :shock:anyway kitchen light was on and i was wandering around so if she did come back i reckon she may have been put off slightly, i mean a fox can not burrow under as its paving slabs, and the hutches are not light, and are in an awkward postition, not making it easy, until the weather cools down a bit i cant really move them, but as i said before i have windows open and am a light sleeper so any noise and i will out like a shot, just thinking of ways of like a trip wire or something noisey at the bottom where she comes in to scare her off a bit being a long garden the noise at the bottom shouldnt be a problem