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animal ry
09-07-2008, 12:38 AM
I have a bit of a phobia of death and when my animal dies like now i wonder

if i will ever see them again and hold them stroke there fur smile when they do a silly thing

i worry that i wont see them again and i worry where they are as well i do feel them around me but i cnat help worrying about all my fur babys and even other peoples!!!

i love you my passed on animals :cry:

jessy lucky bubbles buttons elfie commet snowflake

buster 2 unamed furless babys grace

many fish

chocolate owl and baby who was only 3 weeks old

i miss you all and i hope you remember me!!! :roll: as i remember you :cry:

09-07-2008, 12:59 AM
Sorry you are feeling blue and abit scared :(

I was worried about it too for years and used to wonder exactly the same kind of things but have now realised that its not worth wasting precious time on worrying when you could be snuggling with the pets that are still with you and enjoy living instead :D

Its ok to be scared and confused, maybe speak to your parents or a brother or sister or close friend? That might help as well as talking to us on here :)

09-07-2008, 01:36 AM
im the first to admit i cant handle death. i take it very badly, my nana died when i was four years old, and to this day i get choked up just talking about her. weirdly i have so many memories of her...even though iwas young.

everyday i look at my elderly dog bonnie and wonder if she will be her emuch longer. its just the fact that i have had her for years and one day she wont be here, she will be 'nothing'. i dont want her to be a memory.

I was the same age as you, when my first dog passed away. he was called Cesar, he was black, but grey with age,and the most loyal dog you would ever meet. never let u out of his sight, the soppiest dog int he world. and when he died my world fell apart bcus my parents got him a year beforei was born,so i grew up with him.

i think its okay you find it difficult. many of us do. and nobody can say for sure if we really do meet our pets again. My personal feeling is that we dont, and thats why i take it so hard.

But you have to remember that as long as you give your pets the best life you can, they will have been happy. and some pets dont get thatcomfort in life. Its okay to miss them, and its more than okay to grieve.

And you dont need to see them again to see them do that silly thing, bcus you remember it. and memories are the best thing about having pets :) because as long as you have that..they can neva be taken away

09-07-2008, 02:44 AM
I worry about my animals dying, sometimes i make myself cry over thinking they will die one day. Its silly, i know. Whenever i get upset about anything my mind makes me think about all my animals that have died and i cry even more. Ive had so many people, friends, family that have told me they're just animals, get over it :evil::cry: Can't stand it when people don't seem to understand the pain of losing an animal.

But one thing to think is, when one precious animal dies, another one is born. You make new friends, maybe they wont have the same characteristics of the other pet you loved so much, but they have there own little quirky habits that you love them for.

I get really bad depression, especially when my animals die, but recently it has made me stronger and more determind to make the most of every moment with the wonderful animals i have now. Also i take hundreds of photos, so even when those precious animals must leave they can live on in my heart, mind and in photographs.