View Full Version : im new and need some help please about my tinkerdora the rabbit!

01-07-2008, 10:20 AM
hello everyone, so glad i found a rabbit forum,
we took in a house rabbit 2 weeks ago from a friend who was looking after her for her friend till she could find a home, i.e my home became the option and now i have a house bunny.

my friend did not no all that much about her and said she thinks she is about 15 weeks, so now she is about 17 weeks.

im a little worried now as she is behaiving like she is about to have baby bunnie, she has made her nest and pulled some fur out. so now im doubting her gae as im pretty sure she is to young to have bunnies.
im starting to wonder actually if my friends friend relised she let her rabbits out and thought i need to get rid asap, as a result im now about to have a house full on bunnies.

im quite happy to help look after these bunnies when they get here but im also worried about tinkerdora health as she may be too young.

she is eating well, drinking well, become very calm over past few days. she has made a lovley bad of hay and fur, iv tryed to feel for babys but not to sure, and i noticed her nipples are erected, so any adive would be very welcome please, do you think she is pregs?

take care kim,

01-07-2008, 10:48 AM
well she could be having a false pregnancy but 9/10 if a bun pulls fur, she about to have babies!

some does build nests a week before, some build them a day, or an hour before, so be prepapred! You must be careful not to touch the nest or the babies, or spook mum, as she may reject them, especially more so in your case as you havent had ehr very long so she would be more wary of you.

If she does have babies, dont expect her to sit with them, because she wont. she will feed them twice a day, and the rest of the day ignore them, so dont panic and think she has neglected them!

01-07-2008, 11:08 AM
I think you need to get ready incase she is pregnent :shock:

At least she has found a good home with someone willing to care for her :)

Good luck

01-07-2008, 11:43 AM
Hi kim,
My mini lop recently had kits and she built a nest about 3 days before they came but it wasnt very basic IE a tiny bit of fur and a saucer like nest. On the night she had them she went beserk gathering everything she could get into her mouth (aww she looked so cute with more hay in her mouth that bigger than she did) anyway she more or less put everything in her cage into the nest and 10 minutes later there they where the most beautiful little kits.
Make sure you give her some extra hay to complete her nest with just incase. Also note rabbits can kindle from start to finish in about 10 minutes to half an hour. Also unless absolutly neccesary do not interfere with her.

Hope that helps you a little


01-07-2008, 11:43 AM

It was lovely of you to help this bun out!

To start with the obvious (!) unless she has been near a male rabbit that has not been castrated then she cannot be pregnant. Do you know if your g=friend had a male rabbit?

If your friend got the rabbit from a pet shop or breeder and does b=not have another rabbit herself then the female is unlikely to be pregnant (though some pet shops do have 'accindents).

At that age the females start getting their hormones and some will rush around collecting straw and hay and fur and making nests. These are 'false' pregnancies. they are upsetting to the rabbit and alarming to the owner (!) but tend to pass.

Do NOT disturb the nest she has made as if she IS pregnant she will need it, if she is NOT then she will just pull out more fur and build it again until this present hormone phase ends. So if you destroy the nest you will end up with a bald bun!

If nothing has happened in a weeks time (and if she is going to have babbies she will have had them by them if she is at nest building stage) then take her to the vets and have her checked over, weighed, and discuss having the rabbit neutered when she is large enough and old enough (6 months or more).

Neutering is very important for female rabbits as it prevents this false pregnancy and also stops them getting cancer in the womb which is otherwise very common.

Make sure you take her to a vet that is knowledgeable about rabbits - if you post your location on here and ask for help in finding a good rabbit vet someone will help.

IF she is pregnant and does give birth then POST ON HERE AT ONCE and someon with experience of babbies will help you.

Hope that all goes well, that she is not pregnant, and that you have many happy years together!! (PS Hope she has had her myxi injections??).

01-07-2008, 02:57 PM
thank you all for help, all i new about tinkerdora is that her and her brother! was unwanted, so i had the girl and my friends mum had the boy! i have asked if they had been put toghter and was told for shrt time but as we all no thats all our rabbits need!!!