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26-06-2008, 07:26 PM

Mr Benjamin Fairweather is moulting at the moment but i noticed the other day he looked a bit extra moth eaten.

i gave him a good brush and got lots of loose fur out and thought nothing more of it.

tonight i picked him up and had a good poke around and he seems fine except for the fronts of his ears.

the outside of both ears has silvery white flakes of skin which i can rub off....there's no dandruff in his main coat although it still looks a bit moth eaten as well as the normal moult line.

i've nuked him with a pipette of xeno 450 assuming that it's mites.

tomorrow when i clean him out i'm going to bin his fleeces and mite spray his vetbed then hot wash it and spray hutch with cage n hutch spray.(:oops:can you tell i hate parasites:oops:).

is there anything else i should do?

is there anything else it could be?

I REALLY REALLY HATE MITES:oops:i'm sorry but a few years ago we bought a big sack of guinea pig food and unknown to us it was infested with grain mites..so i cannot bear anything like bugs....shudder

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26-06-2008, 08:52 PM
It def sounds like mites. You need to treat him with xeno 450 again in two weeks and again in 4 weeks (so 2 more applications 2 weeks apart). Obviously just ensure you have used the correct amount as it goes on weight and an average sized bun will need two pipettes. Just check the instructions. You are right that you need to disinfect the cage and his bedding. I would advise you to buy a product that is suitable for ridding households of fleas etc. The product we sell at my practice is made by Vetkem and called Acclaim. You need to spray it in the hutch/run and anywhere else your bunny has access to and also wash his bedding and spray that too. You must ensure that all areas and bedding is COMPLETELY dry before allowing your bunny access again. I had to foster bunnies who had Cheyletiella and this is the way i treated them and their possessions. It worked and the little blighters never returned!! The Acclaim lasts for 12 months so you shouldn't need to re-apply any more regularly than this. If your vets doesn't have Acclaim, they will have a similar product.

26-06-2008, 08:54 PM
PS. i phoned Vetkem at the time to ensure it was safe to use in my rabbit's environment. I was told that so long as the product was allowed to dry fully before returning the bunnies to their hutch/run and bedding, that it would be fine for me to use it for this purpose.

27-06-2008, 07:18 PM
hi thanks very much for that.

i have treated my other two buns who are outside nearish to him as well and ordered another box of xeno 450.

have bought Stronghold for my five dogs as well, kjust in case as they all tend to lay on their blankets by Benjamins run.

i used a whole pipette of xeno 450 on benjamin and he is a netherland dwarf so it hopeful;ly should be enough.

his ears still looks flakey but i'll see what happens after a month when the treatments have finished. have decided to bin all his bedding as well just in case.