View Full Version : bonding young buns

25-06-2008, 08:35 PM
also wanted to know, as im planning to pair lucifer and the baby lop, would it be ok to allow them supervised time together? we've let them have a sniff at eachother but not allowed them out of out hands......thery obviousley arnt able to mate as lucifer is only 5 weeks on friday and i dont think shes much older as theres not a gret diff in size, given that lucifer is hand reared im guessing shes not 12 weeks as we are told! they have their seperate cages but i just thought it might be ok to let them have a sniff/play. would this cause problems if i did this and then when lucifer is neutored keep them in side by side cages until his 3 weeks are up? or should i wait until shes spayed also?