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11-05-2008, 10:57 AM

Following the recent sad loss of our dear Muffin, we have decided not to get another rabbit at this time.

We have his hutch and some meds (he was on treatment following abcess op for 20 months) which I hope will be of use to a rabbit rescue or good homes.

I hope it's ok to post this stuff here, and I didn't want to put the hutch on ebay and it go to the wrong person.

1) Shop bought double story hutch on short (cut down) legs, that was always kept indoors as Muffins bedroom. He loved tearing up and down the 'stairs' and the height was perfect for him to jump in and out of the hutch with ease.

Perfect outside condition, needs a bit of a scrub inside.

This would need to be collected from Croxley Green, Herts WD3 in a biggish car. Free to good home or make a donation to rabbitrehome/ rabbit rescue cntr.

2) Unused Rearguard
3) Sachets of Protexin Bio Lapis

Meds can be posted at my cost to rescue or at cost to others.

Please PM


11-05-2008, 02:22 PM
Sorry about Muffin and that you don't feel able to get another bunny just now.would you maybe not be better keeping the hutch etc for future in case you may change your mind.It is so heartbreaking losing a wee pet,a wee piece of me goes everytime.Give youself some time.You will never be able to replace Muffin but at some future point you may find some joy and happiness with another wee bun.For the meds is there an animal sanctuary nearby,they would gladly take the meds as they are charity run and it would help them out.All the best,sending you hugs x

11-05-2008, 06:19 PM
Meds going to sanctury buns :D

Anyone want to give a bun a duplex apartment?