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01-04-2008, 09:09 PM
:wave::wave: Ok so, lots of bonding with our Blue. Hand feeding, building his confidence up. He now follows me everywhere!! I put him to bed the other night, i was stroking him and saying goodnight, well the little mite only decided that it was about time he showed me good and proper and proceeded to hump my arm....!! :lol::lol: So funny, i went to get him up yesterday morning, he did the same and was at it all last night!

Some of ou may know, we went to collect Choco yesterday (Cazza's lovely Rex). So we were thinking that he would defo be into humping her, as he's not neutered (YET) we kept them seperate for the sake of Choco with her only just arriving and everything. So there's Blue happy as larry humping away at me last night. But going upto choco and giving her kisses through the bars of her cage, so we were letting them out in turns last night, ushering blue to his room so Choco could come out for an hour then putting her into her cage and letting Blue out. All the time they were kissing (Choco is spayed) and blue was sleeping right next to her cage.

I said to the OH today, as they were exactly the same (blue humping me again at first sight this morning) this morning as last night, so we decided to let them out together and keep a very close eye on them.......I was expecting Blue to be straight on Choco's back. Much to my amazment, he hasn't once tried to hump her, the only thing he is doing is trying to wash and groom her and be nice to her, she's playing hard to get!!! Running off wagging her tail then mischieviously looking back at him for him to chase her.....Crazy it is, but i think they maybe falling in love?? What do you all think?? :D

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02-04-2008, 08:09 AM
Sounds like you have a romantic bun when it comes to his bunwife & he wants to take his time:)

02-04-2008, 10:56 AM
Sounds like you have a romantic bun when it comes to his bunwife & he wants to take his time:)

Hehe, maybe. Well they've been playing together for nearly 24 hours, still no humping, lots of chase me, and kisses in front of the fire, no grooming as of yet, but they keep getting nose to nose....Awwwww :lol::D