View Full Version : Bonding second female to pair of buns.Tips please.

30-01-2008, 11:25 AM
Hi friends,

I'm thinking of bonding Moffat (chunky cream bunny) in with Harvey and Primrose my wildie buns. Harvey absolutely adores Moffat and Moffat adores Harvey. They are such a strange match as Harvey is weeny and Moffat is a big fat pudding. If Harv is under the weather Moff really cheers him up. Primrose however, loves Harvey but hates Moffat and Moff hates Primrose. How can I bond the three together? Prim sees Harvey as her 'man'. I would love the three to all get along so I can let them all out together at the same time. They would also be able to go out in the large walk-in enclosure togther when the weather picks up. Any ideas on how to get two stubborn females to get along and be friends? What is the best way to try and bond the three?



Harvey and Primrose:

Any tips much appreciated.

Nicola and Harvey xxx