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28-01-2008, 01:23 PM
I rehomed a young unwanted doe, I named Lily (my avatar), last year and have been hoping to get her a friend. Under advice I got her spayed in November but at the same time we noticed one of her eyes was milky. The vet said to keep an eye on it and bring her back if it got worse but that it was probably a hereditary problem. She had not seen it before so I contacted an exotics vet that I sometimes use. He diagnosed glaucoma and by this time both eyes were affected. She is only a year old but we believe she has some NZ white in her as there has been no injury to her eyes.

He advised to wait on getting a husbun until we were happy the glaucoma was under control. We tried treatment but it seems she has lost her eye sight but it hasn't seemed to have bothered her. It happened gradually so she has had a chance to get used to it. The pressure in her eyes isn't causing her problems as it appears to be low. So I have just called my local rescue to see if they have any neutered males at the moment. They are going to get someone to call me back so I am waiting nervously by the phone.

I visited just before she was spayed and they had two lovely lads and some younger ones that will be ready by now. They said rabbit rehoming is slow because they are a remote rescue in a rural farming community. So chances are the same rabbits will still be there. I remember one was a black and white lad with some lion head in him. He was housed with the rescues resident female so used to a female companion. The other lad looked to be grey agouti and was alone because his companion had passed away. He looked really sad by himself so I'd be tempted with him if he is still there. However, its not up to me so I will hopefully be taking Lily to see if she likes any of them, today or tomorrow :D

Just waiting for the phone to ring now!

28-01-2008, 01:39 PM
Has she been treated for EC? Might be worth doing that just in case as it can present with white lesions on the eyes.

I hope they get back to you soon! Bondings a bit of a pain sometimes but it's so nice seeing all the new behaviour once they're friends :D

28-01-2008, 01:42 PM
How exciting for you :D I hope they phone soon with some good news..

Where abouts in West Wales are you ? We holiday in New Quay I love it there.

28-01-2008, 01:55 PM
The vet did consider EC. From the tests he has done he is certain it is glaucoma. Thanks for the thought though. Reminded that they will need treating with panacur when we get the husbun (fingers crossed) though.

I haven't bonded rabbits before but have lots of experience with rats and degus, some of which have taken months, others minutes! The rescue have an experienced lady that will go through the first intros at the centre with me.

Karen - I used to live just down the coast from New Quay, in Llangrannog. Its a lovely area. I now live a few miles in land near Llandysul.

The rescue sounded pretty busy in the background so I probably need to stop waiting by the phone. It is lunch time as well..

28-01-2008, 04:34 PM
Do you think it would be rude to call back just before 5pm in case they have forgotten to call or got my number wrong? Maybe I should try again tomorrow?

Trouble is I've gotten all excited :roll:

28-01-2008, 04:41 PM
I'd call again if it was me ;)

28-01-2008, 05:54 PM
Impatient as I am, I called back and the receptionist hadn't got my message as someone else had answered the phone. She recognised me from when I went to visit last, which was nice and she is going to try to call back this evening if she can find someone to tell her if they have any neutered males in. She wasn't hopeful though as lots were rehomed before Christmas. The suspense is killing me! There is another rescue in the area but their website only had four buck rabbits. So assume they are entire. Cute though - go here and click on rabbits in the menu on the left - http://www.ceredigionanimalrescue.org.uk/

I don't mind getting one neutered but I was a nervious wreck when Lily was done so it would be nice if he was already done and hormones all settled. More importantly Lily is more likely to be able to chose her husbun if they are already done.

The next rescue after that is about 1.5 hours away but they do have lots of buns http://www.southwalesanimalrescue.org.uk/Rabbits.htm

28-01-2008, 06:02 PM
Has Honeybunnies on here have any males ? I know her father-in-laws lives in your area you never know Jill or her hubby may be tavelling your way soon... If she's not travelling your way maybe we could sort out a bunny run..
I'd pm her she always has stunning bunnies in..

She does have some neutered males stunning ones :love::love:
If you look in Rabbit Rehome and look under Leicestershire..

28-01-2008, 06:04 PM
Thanks for that Karen :D I'll see what the rescue have to say when they call, and go from there.

28-01-2008, 06:15 PM
I hope you get some good news,my parents are in wales too.llandeusant.Have you looked on the rabbit rescue for the wales area?

Jackie x

28-01-2008, 06:15 PM
sorry i meant rabbit rehome:oops:

28-01-2008, 06:45 PM
I knew what you meant! Lol, I'm always getting my mucking words fuddled!

The only neutered lad on rabbit rehome is a long way away in North Wales. I am traveling to West Sussex in a couple of weeks so may be able to get something sorted that way. I would prefer to go local so Lily can meet him first. As she is pretty much blind I think it would be best for her to chose her man.

Fingers crossed we get a result tomorrow :D

28-01-2008, 07:10 PM
yep my father in law lives near Machynclleth(sp?)

and my hubby is going over ther in about 2 weeks....and may be taking one bun with him to new home..;)
so if we have a boy you think may suit let me know:D..have you seen the lovely Danio?

28-01-2008, 08:22 PM
Hi Jill,

I know Mach (not sure of spelling either!) Danio looks lovely. I'm not sure if Danio may be a little small for Lily. She is a medium sized rabbit, about 3kg. She is quite confident despite her lack of sight and doesn't take any rubbish from our youngest cat/kitten! Henry looks lovely too and he's been waiting for 8 months!

We will see what tomorrow brings, and I may well be in touch.

Thank you,
Clare and Lily xx

29-01-2008, 05:22 PM
Well, the answer is they don't know if they have any neutered lads in at the moment! The lady that knows is on holiday and the other member of staff that should know has only just started and can't be certain. They are primarily a cat and dog rescue and have some farm animals and small furries. You would have thought they'd have a record of whats what somewhere. Over the last 12 years my family and I have adopted 3 dogs, a cat and a guinea pig from them and they always seemed more organised. They have just changed hands since the previous owner retired though.

I'm welcome to visit on the weekend to see for myself. So I had better get looking at pics of what bunny's bits look like post the chop! Although the lady that knows is back on Monday so I'd better wait to be certain.

04-02-2008, 08:59 PM
I visited the rescue today and the more experienced rabbit person turned out to be not all that experienced after all. It seems as though they have two intact lads of 8 months that were born there. I have fallen for one of them but on having a look I wasn't convinced he was not a she. I don't have much experience with rabbit sexing but have seen two adult males that are obviously males and a handful of adult females that I thought were females and indeed were.

I have started another thread looking for advice on the situation here:


04-02-2008, 10:53 PM
To answer an earleir question Danio is bigger than he looks in pic..dwarf lop size:D

06-02-2008, 01:10 PM
As you may have seen from the other thread linked to above, I have adopted a lad from my local rescue after all. He is intact but I have a good vet I trust, so will get that sorted asap. He had been there since birth and is eight months old now so it was about time he found a home. They have four rabbits remaining so I suggested Rabbit Rehome and this forum. So with any luck they will use the data base to help rehome their rabbits in future and this forum for information.

When I have finished renovating our house and have more free time I hope to volunteer at the rescue and help out with the small furries.

Jill, I hope the lovely Danio finds a fantastic home soon. I keep thinking of his lovely face and wishing he gets a lovely girlfriend soon.