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06-01-2008, 08:14 PM
Why cant I find a hay that all the buns like :( I got a big bag of Timothy hay yesterday and Scarlett doesnt seem to like it that much and Beau just wont eat it :roll: :lol:

I have just got a bin to store hay in now I just need to find some the buns like :lol:

How long does a bale of hay actually last and for how many buns? Ive only ever brought the small bags and with four bunnies im going through more than one bag a day and its about 4 a bag :shock:

Where do you guys go to get bales of hay? The only bales of hay I have seen here look like meadow hay which my lot wont touch :( Can you even feed meadow hay each day instead of oat or timothy hay?

Ive emailed dust free hay and they are going to let me know tomorrow what postage will be x

06-01-2008, 08:16 PM
Lasts about two weeks, maybe slightly less with 11 buns and three guineas

06-01-2008, 08:17 PM
Sorry meant to ask aswell, what kind of bales of hay do you get? Like what type of hay? x

Thanks Gem x

06-01-2008, 08:18 PM
I use dustfreehay and buy 10 bales at a time. The buns love it. They have a handful of readigrass a day, but other than that they're more than happy with having the same.

Ben's mum
06-01-2008, 08:19 PM
Meadow hay is fine daily! I personally only fed timothy hay daily to Mary as he had bad molar problems, as long as they're eating lots of it, it doesn't make a huge deal what hay they're having (some hays are just more abrasive than others - timothy has silica beads in it or something which provides more wear to the teeth). You might find they prefer baled meadow hay to the prepacked bags (as it's usually a lot fresher in a bale), you could perhaps ask if you can buy a bag to trial rather than a whole bale at first?

06-01-2008, 08:25 PM
I get a bale, lasts about a month - 6 weeks for 6 buns. The buns love the bale hay & I rarely give timothy hay now, they seem to prefer meadow hay anyway, well apart from the snobs in the conservatory :roll: :lol:

BB Mommy
06-01-2008, 08:27 PM
I've been getting mine the dust free hay, but I've noticed that they all pounce on their clean litter trays that are filled with the ordinary hay I get from the farm - looks like I'm reverting back to the good old cheap and cheerful - it seems to be going down better than the expensive stuff:lol:

06-01-2008, 08:29 PM
Thanks hun :D

I think I will try getting a bale. Yep they have only had it from a bag before so they might like it fresh. I just dont want to end up forcing them to eat it :oops: It is getting difficult to buy the small bags here now, the vet didnt have any friday so I went to a pet shop and had to get the alfalfa king one which was a tiny bag :shock:

I will try them with fresh meadow hay first, just not sure if im better off ordering the dust free hay if they wont eat meadow hay or carrying on buying all these small bags x

06-01-2008, 08:44 PM
I've no idea what type of hay ours is:oops:, probably Meadow Hay though

06-01-2008, 09:01 PM
Thanks guys :D x

06-01-2008, 09:04 PM
i get a bale of hay very 3 weeks plus hay from the hay experts also get oat hay which they get a handful of each day:D
They much perfer the oat hay:rolleyes:But will eat the dustfree and nibble at the bale

06-01-2008, 09:15 PM
this is going to sound a really dumb question:oops: but how do you find out which farms are selling bales of hay? or do they all sell bales of hay? I normally buy from hay experts, and they like that, but I'm wondering if I could get myself a bargin from a farm:lol:

06-01-2008, 09:15 PM
We've recently started getting a bale of hay from our local horse supply shop/stables.

So far they've had it two weeks and there is loads left.

06-01-2008, 09:36 PM
Yeh I think horse places sell it :D Or you could just phone farms close to you and ask x

06-01-2008, 09:48 PM
Some have farm shops, and sell all types of produce, as well as Hay and Straw and sometimes animal feeds like A & P.
Just look on Yell.com
I pay about 8 for a bale of each, with 4 rabbits it lasts ages and you can give them piles of straw for their beds without costing a fortune.

Sue x

06-01-2008, 10:07 PM
Some have farm shops, and sell all types of produce, as well as Hay and Straw and sometimes animal feeds like A & P.
Just look on Yell.com
I pay about 8 for a bale of each, with 4 rabbits it lasts ages and you can give them piles of straw for their beds without costing a fortune.

Sue x

thank you never thought of looking on yell.com :D

06-01-2008, 11:48 PM
Most farms will advertise on a board utside if they sell hay or if they have a shop they usually sell hay.

I don't know what kind my hay is probably normal meadow hay but my buns love it and a bale costs 2.40 and lasts a month

07-01-2008, 09:32 AM
Mine still only will eat Pure Dried Grass so is lovely and expensive!:shock:

07-01-2008, 10:13 AM
I buy my bale of hay from the local horse feed place - this is just normal meadow hay (the 3ft ones that only just fit in the boot of my car)! Just look up horse supplies on Yell and call the individual place to ask if they sell individual bales of hay :D Now I've only got one bunny and hutch to clean out it will most likely last about 8 weeks or so! I fill the back section of his shed (about 4ft x 2ft) with hay, adding new stuff as necessary but only clean it out once a week (as he doesn't mess in there). I also use it to top off the litter tray (and he enjoy eating it from there also) this gets cleaned out either every day or occassionally every other day!

In addition I have a box of Oxbow Orchard Grass (although this was more of Dolly's favourite - Barley isn't so keen), Barley get's a small handful of Oxbow Timothy with Herbs - in a holder separate to his meadow hay, due to costs this is restricted and one small 500g bad will last 2-3 weeks - supplemented with meadow hay of course - which he's also pretty keen on!

Sorry that's rather long, went into a few details!


07-01-2008, 07:08 PM
Postage for dust free hay is going to be about 60 so I think I will try them on a bale of meadow hay first :shock: :lol: I hope they are all going to like it or I will have to just keep buying the small bags each day :roll:

Ben's mum
07-01-2008, 07:14 PM
If they're not hugely keen on it, you can try mixing it half and half with stuff they love, that way they're bound to eat mouthfuls of it and might develop a taste for it!

07-01-2008, 07:24 PM
Thanks hun, I will try that :D x

07-01-2008, 07:53 PM
I'm going to buy a bale too, so much cheaper than pet shop hay! :D A bale is usually 20-25 kilos. How many kilos does a rabbit eat per day (/weak/month)? How long should I expect a bale of this size to last for two medium size rabbits? (sorry to sort of steal your thread :oops:) They said I should expect to pay about 6 NOK per kilo hay, which is 0,58. So it's not too bad, but I've heard about people buying 2 NOK per kilo (depends on which part of the country you live in) and I think that's very cheap.