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14-12-2007, 01:46 AM
Today we brought home Edward, a 6 months old unneutered male. He is currently living in our bathroom where he will be staying until he has been neutered. We already have a bonded pair that lives in the rest of the apartment. Our question is - do you think that our male Roger (neutered) can smell Edward in the bathroom? There is no threshold so there is a small space between the door and the floor... And would you consider it unwise to keep the rabbits like this if Roger can smell Edward?

Edward is our new charity case... We saw him in a pet store more than a month ago when we were buying food. Not sure what breed he his but the staff told us he was the smallest of the litter and never got sold so he has spent more than six months in a store in a small glass cage... His hind legs look too big for his body but he is a very frisky gentle character, loves being stroked and picked up. Earlier this week some men had bought him as a "funny" gift for their boss and the boss had then returned him, so we felt sorry for him and decided to see if we can get him neutered and then bond him with our twosome or find him a good home.

14-12-2007, 08:49 AM
Entire Bucks can be very whiffy and it is likely Roger will smell him as Buns have a very good sense of smell.
This may cause problems with refered aggression between Roger and his wife-Bun :?
Is your appartment all on one floor? If not having the Buns upstairs and downstairs might help

Or could you confine Roger and his wife-Bun to your main living room rather than allowing them all over the appartment. I think it will be a case of seeing how things go really :?

Good Luck :)


14-12-2007, 03:33 PM
I have a similar problem with my rescued free-ad bun Domino and my grumpy bun Billy. Originally I had put Domino out in a hutch in the shed but Billy went wild as he could smell Domino and kept growling and chasing Gizmo. So I had to bring Domino in the house which is not ideal as I have a small house. Billy & Gizmo come into the house everyday for a few hours and even though they have the run of the lounge and Domino is in the kitchen, I think Billy can still smell him as he's still being aggressive towards Gizmo. Im hoping once Domino has been neutered the problems will ease as I really dont want problems with Billy and Gizmo's bond. Im going to wash the threashold between the two rooms with something smelly like vinegar in the hope Billy wont smell Domino so much. Its poor Gizmo I feel sorry for as he is caught in the middle:(

I think that all you can do is try to minimise how much your bun Roger can smell of the new one by keeping them as far apart as possible and try neutralising any smells with something strong smelling. And get Edward neutered as soon as he is old enough.

Could Edward be a mini lop. Domino is and his back feet look too large for his body - hopefully he will grow into them