View Full Version : Help!!! Bunny doesn't like hubby???

20-11-2007, 03:40 AM
Hi! I have an adorable little gray bunny named Mr Darcy. He was born in February 2007 and I had him neutered in September. He is litter trained and such a great little pet. However, on three separate occassions Mr Darcy has lunged after my husband. Granted hubby is 6'4" but he actually likes the rabbit. Hubby works a rotating 12 hour days schedule. So when hubby is at work the bunny roams the house-just me and him. About a month ago, rabbit lunged at hubby and actually drew blood on his foot. Last night, hubby was home, bunny was in the hallway and hubby walked past him. Just as soon as Mr Darcy spotted him, he lunged at him. Didn't bite him, but nipped him. His ears were down and he was mad! I was sitting on the floor and Mr Darcy started growling and came toward me, but immediately backed off. I had to lock him up in his room for the evening. Today, I woke up let Mr. Darcy out and he blinkied all over the house. Hubby woke up, came down the hall, got his pants out of the dryer, walked down the hall. The rabbit saw him lunged at him and stood between me and hubby like he was guarding me. I had to put Mr. Darcy away until hubby left for work. I love having Mr Darcy. He is great company and so easy to care for. However, love my hubby! Is there any advice anyone has for why Mr. Darcy doesn't like hubby and how I can remedy the situation? Thanks!!!!

20-11-2007, 03:50 AM
Well it's the male rabbits job to protect the colony so perhaps your hubby just hasn't introduced himself properly so My Darcy thinks he's an invader he needs to protect you from instead of a fellow warren member.

I'd suggest you get your hubby to make friends by becoming the one to provide Mr Darcy's dinner, breakfast or treats. Once he's associated with good things hopefully Mr Darcy will stop attacking his toes!

Your hubby's height might also be a little scary for him when it comes to meet and greet. Kneeling or sitting on the floor and letting your rabbit come over in his own time to investigate will help. A few treats when he comes over to see what is what wouldn't go a miss either ;)

It's fine just to use some of his daily portion of dry food or vegetables for treats - that way he won't get podgy with all the extra attention.

Good luck!

21-11-2007, 12:44 AM
My Flopsy was also like this though he never bit hubby just legged it when he came near him. Flopsy is an outside bun but when he comes in on a night hubby has occassionally laid in dining room with him and he is getting better and more used to him.

Hubby is 6 foot 3 so maybe it is intimiation. Hubby now lays down with him and he is getting there.

21-11-2007, 12:48 AM
Piper was the same way with my hubby, she never bit him but would lunge and growl. I agree with Tamsin that your bun just needs to become better aquanited with your hubby. I had my hubby spend more time with Piper, or if we were talking or watching TV together I would have Piper come and sit with us so hubby was around her more. My hubby still isn't Piper's favorite person in the world but she no longer lunges and growls so hopefully some day she will learn to love him too!

21-11-2007, 01:34 AM
Let's all say at the end of the day bunnies need their mummies - bit like kids really!:shock: