View Full Version : Should I go get Jack?

16-11-2007, 11:18 PM
Jack's stranded in the kitchen.

The buns have been living upstairs while I bonded them but they are moving into the kitchen this weekend so I've set it up tonight so they can get used to it, Millie's backwards and forward no problem but Jack wont come out.
It's a big L shaped room and he's unsure of the open space, he's been in it a few times before and he's always the same.
I'm pondering whether to leave him a bit longer to get him used or whether to go get him.
Millie's such a meanie leaving him on his own.

16-11-2007, 11:25 PM
Could you try putting a box in there? Is it the floor he's uncertain of? sometimes slippery floors are difficult to walk on.
pretty bunnies by the way.

16-11-2007, 11:40 PM
The floor is tiled so it's a bit better than the room they've been in upstairs as thats laminated.

They're in the utility just off the kitchen, it's got a litter tray and rugs in it and I've put a big runner rug along the longest part of the kitchen but he won't come out.
I wondered if it's the wall units on each side scaring him as there's nowhere to hide, I hope he will get used to them.
Millie's just gone back to him now, told her to talk him through his fear :lol:

Thanks :) I think they are gorgeous but I suppose I'm biased.